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Small businesses in David Cameron‘s UK are getting the short end of the straw from the High Street banks in most cases and they are overtaxed, over-regulated and held to ransom by local authorities wanting ever higher business rates, planning fees and car parking charges.

In addition. we have the highest energy costs in Western Europe. This morning, Dr Alf focuses on strategic moves in global energy, with Russia, China and the US all storming ahead. Meanwhile, Europe is stuck in an austerity-trap, without an effective energy policy.

Twickenham United Kingdom

Twickenham United Kingdom (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Meanwhile, I repeat the UK has the highest energy costs in Europe!

David Cameron is not interested in UK based SMEs nor creating enterprise, exports on a large scale or getting the banks to lend. His priorities and policies favor the top 1%, or less of wealthy individuals and major companies which operate internationally headed up by his friends or those he would like to be.

John Gelmini

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Chinese companies eye US new energy – People’s Daily Online

English: Wind power plants in Xinjiang, China ...

English: Wind power plants in Xinjiang, China (Taken with a Nikon D70.) 中文: 中国新疆的风力发电厂。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an important energy story from China’s leading newspaper, People’s Daily Online (PDO);  this is currently PDO’s second most popular article.

Earlier, I re-blogged an equally important Pravda article about Russia’s Christmas day deal to develop Syria’s offshore gas and oil capability.

Meanwhile, Europe freezes, with expensive energy, and no effective energy policy. Certainly, Europe is not taking a strategic approach to energy, unlike Russia, China and the US. European leaders, like Angela Merkel and David Cameron are still letting austerity eclipse strategy. Matters are seriously aggravated by the European Commission being slow to recognize the need for strategic investment in energy in countries like Cyprus.

Let me again focus on important open questions:

As much of Europe freezes, dependent upon expensive energy, why does the EU not have an effective energy policy?

Also let me restate my earlier question:

With Cyprus part of the EU, I want to know why the EU is not investing heavily in the offshore gas and oil potential of Cyprus?

Any thoughts?


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