US AirSea Battle concept may be useless against PLA: Russian analyst|Politics|News|

This is another thoughtful article on China’s increasing military capability, citing evidence by a leading Russian analyst. It’s a RECOMMENDED READ. Check it out!

via US AirSea Battle concept may be useless against PLA: Russian analyst|Politics|News|

This article is consistent with the global, neo-political, trend towards a multi-polar world, with the US increasingly giving more prominence to domestic challenges. Sadly, it also highlights the damage done by excessive austerity, where Western military budgets have been axed. For example, consider the following open question:

How has austerity reduced UK and French military capability as an effective deterrent in the emerging multi-polar World?

Any thoughts?

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  2. Dr Alf raises important points about austerity and its effect on British and French military power.
    Currently the UK has 83,000 people in the Tri Forces, not enough reserves, no aircraft carriers with aircraft, no coastal protection vessel and no ability to control our sea lanes and protect our food supply.

    We (the UK) are no longer a serious military power in our own right.

    France is better placed with 250,000 men under arms but even they have to be part of a European Army.
    Currently Air Sea Battle has been checkmated by the Chinese but not the Death Star weapons that GW Bush has positioned in space ready to attack any point on Earth.

    We have a crude balance of power but one which could be upset if the Chinese were to weaponize the Moon or if the Russians further weaponized space.

    We live in very dangerous times and need to find ways to achieve sensible rapprochement and a new balance of power before matters spin out of control.

    If we succeed our young men and woman (the Millennials), have a bright future of work and opportunity, if not we will do them and the rest of us incalculable harm.

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