Opinion: The great green con no. 1: The hard proof….via Mail Online – John Gelmini

I think the game is up just, as my old geography master said it would be, when he predicted a mini ice age and a cooling of the earth which happens every 1500 years when the earth is further away from the sun.

We need to put people to work and grow our economies and use technology to adapt and solve environmental problems of the kind Dr Alf talks about, not make a rod for our own backs by trying to solve non existing ones.

For the 2 million school leavers in the UK without work and the 80 million around the world who will never be able to own a home, marry or start a family this issue is critical.

For the Millen

Photograph of Brittania statue, taken 13th Jun...

Photograph of Brittania statue, taken 13th June 2008 on Plymouth Hoe, Plymouth, United Kingdom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

nials and the developing world the situation is equally critical if the bulk of their people are to be lifted out of grinding rural poverty.

John Gelmini


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