Lord Robertson: Scottish independence could lead to UK’s disintegration – Telegraph

Debating chamber in Scottish Parliament building

Debating chamber in Scottish Parliament building (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lord Robertson warns the US of the risks of Scottish independence. It’s a MUST READ. Check it out!

Lord Robertson: Scottish independence could lead to UK’s disintegration – Telegraph.

Whilst I doubt that the Scottish people will genuinely vote for independence, I blame David Cameron for launching the UK on this dangerous path.

Any thoughts?


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  1. Scotland will vote Yes. Scottish Independence will happen. The polls notoriously underestimate the nationalist vote – just consider the SNP landslide in 2011 in a parliamentary system specifically designed to prevent that very outcome.

    (In any case, the polls currently show that Yes and No vote are roughly neck and neck with all the momentum on the Yes side.)

    In addition, it is normal in Independence Polls worldwide for the Independence vote to rise about 20% in the final few weeks of the campaign. The BBC have promised to be impartial in the final few weeks of the campaign (they have openly stated that they do not have to be impartial now!) and the Don’t Knows will drift to Yes.

    Lord Robertson famously said ‘Devolution will kill Scottish nationalism stone dead’. He was wrong then and he remains wrong now.

    To see him getting trounced in an Independence Debate at Abertay University and losing an initial lead for the No campaign to become a convincing Yes win in a No to Yes swing of 25%:

    As for spending in Scotland, it is less than the rest of the UK. See Figure’s 10 and 11 in the FT’s helpful charts on the matter:

    Recently Standard & Poor have stated that they would expect to give an independent Scotland their highest AAA rating:

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  3. Dr Alf should not worry and Lord Robertson should quietly retire.

    The Scottish people do not believe a word Alex Salmond says and are too well off under the Barnett Formula at £3,500 gbp a head to vote for independence.

    If they by some fluke do decide to vote for independence then it really is time for England to cut the entire Celtic fringe loose and abolish the Barnett Formula prior to dispatching all Scottish MP,s back on the first available train to Edinburgh out of Kings Cross.

    Becoming a tax haven would be a logical next step along with adopting Singaporean style neutrality modelling our public sector on their much more efficient model and stopping the pretence that we are still a “Great Maritime power” or that the world really cares about what we think or do.

    After that we should give the Welsh and Northern Irish the stern word and stop bankrolling them in their so called Parliament and the Welsh Assembly which is nothing more than a monument to windbaggery and cap in hand special pleading.

    Sadly, none of this will happen and David Cameron ,the UK,s “Prime Loser” will carry on making wrong decisions,squandering taxpayers money whilst Alex Salmond will go on wasting money north of the border.

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