Fears for the elderly under new NHS drugs policy – Telegraph

This is a brilliant, MUST-READ article by the Telegraph. Check it out!

via Fears for the elderly under new NHS drugs policy – Telegraph.

For me, once again, this article demonstrates why the UK’s NHS must be scrapped and replaced by a best-practice public health care system, based on the best of those in Germany, France and Italy.

The original concept of the NHS was brilliant and set the gold-standard for many years. Unfortunately, the implementation never quite matched the original design. With the intervention of generations of bungling bureaucrats, and their political masters, the NHS has continued to go downhill. Healthcare in the UK fails to keep up with benchmarks in advanced Western economies, and is now tailing many Eastern European countries too.

This article highlights the weakness of the NHS bureaucracy. The UK already has an abysmal record on cancer treatment, yet now it seems that latest drugs will be denied to older people, making matters worse. It seems that the NHS bureaucracy will play god and judge the social contribution of older people. It will not matter that older people, paid their taxes, served their country and possibly worked for forty-five plus years (like myself). Older people are being dumped by the NHS bureaucracy. It’s blatantly ageist, in my view.

Surely, the UK’s NHS should be taken to the European Court for discrimination against older people?

Any thoughts?

Second Life: National Health Service (UK):

Second Life: National Health Service (UK): (Photo credit: rosefirerising)


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