Hunger in America: 2013 United States Hunger and Poverty Facts

Logo of the Fight Hunger: Walk the World campaign

Logo of the Fight Hunger: Walk the World campaign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a truly amazing read about the increase in hunger in the US since the financial crash in 2008. It’s a MUST READ, in my view. Check it out!

via Hunger in America: 2013 United States Hunger and Poverty Facts.

The US statistics talk of “food insecure“, rather than plain, old-fashioned,  hunger; perhaps that’s an attempt to play down the impact in America’s increasingly divided society?

I wonder whether the comparable statistic would be worse than one-in-seven in troubled European economies? Consider, the case of Greece, Spain, Portugal Cyprus, and perhaps the UK? We know that in Europe as a result of excessive austerity, there is increasing dependency on food banks.

Meanwhile, countries like the US and the UK continue to maintain their foreign aid budgets.

Two open questions come to mind:

  1. How much of the increase in hunger is due to an increasing dependence or indeed addiction to junk-food diet?
  2. What about starting the day with a low-cost staple, like porridge-oats?

Any thoughts?

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2 responses

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  2. Dr Alf poses interesting questions.

    The hunger in the US arises because dole is time limited and with food stamps being used by 60 million people and convertible into cash on a black /grey market, some of the money allocated for food is spent on other things including drugs and bills.

    The UK has 50 people chasing every job, less than 1% growth and a situation in which over 85% of all jobs go to people of Eastern European descent, not the indigenous population.

    A combination of poor money management, feckless behavior on the part of benefit recipients and claimants, benefit sanctions and a policy of forcing people off the unemployment register is partially responsible for levels of hunger within the UK.

    “Changes of Circumstances”leading to lengthy delays in receipt of benefit,an unwillingness by Landlords to accept benefit recipients, rising power bills and an inability to cook using fresh ingredients are all contributory causes of hunger within the UK as is the disgraceful treatment of ex forces personnel who end up sleeping rough, traumatized, penniless and hungry.

    Variable taxes on foods will help to reduce obesity, improve productivity and reduce NHS and County Council costs.

    That will then facilitate a higher rate of enterprise creation as the public sector shrinks down to affordable size.

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