Opinion: Public backing for EU crashes in wake of eurozone crisis- John Gelmini

European Union

European Union (Photo credit: ana branca)

Like Rodney Willett in 1974, I believed Ted Heath and the bright promise of the EC now EU.

My memory extends back to the age of 4, so I can remember precisely what we were promised and what has been delivered.

We were promised:

1) No more European wars

2) Millions of new jobs in a “Single market of 550 million people”

3) No more food shortages

4) The power to “Stop the traffic lights in Washington, Beijing and elsewhere”–We were going to have “influence on the global stage because we could speak with one voice”.

In the 1990’s, we had the Bosnian Civil War, ethnic cleansing, concentration camps and the massacre at Srebnecia.

That arose because Chancellor Kohl of Germany recognized Bosnia and the EC was powerless and unwilling to take action to stop what was going on until the Americans intervened.

Not one net new job has been created.

100 British farmers commit suicide every year and 5000 go bankrupt and on top of that 75% of our food is imported and we cannot afford a proper Navy or coastal protection vessel.

China and America take little notice of the EU but take a lot of notice of Angela Merkel who is the undisputed master of Europe via Germany.

The UK within the EU is marginalized, a dumping ground for excessive numbers of economic migrants and being bled dry economically through misguided overseas aid, EU budget contributions to poorer EU states and a concerted effort to traduce our Judeo Christian heritage via the application of Sharia law and laws made by unelected EU apparachiks who have reduced Parliament to a cipher.

The EU is a mental construct of Monnet in France in 1944 and the slightly later Bilderberg movement which came into being in 1954 and now selects the Prime Ministers, Presidents and Chancellors of Europe and the leaders of opposition parties.

The North American Union and the proposed Transatlantic Partnership are similarly Bilderberger creations and are a precursor to fewer and bigger “Unions” which will eventually all merge into 1 giant “Union” with just 1 currency if people do not call a halt to these developments.

John Gelmini


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