Opinion: Lord Robertson: Scottish independence could lead to UK’s disintegration – Telegraph – John Gelmini

First Minister Alex Salmond

First Minister Alex Salmond (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf should not worry and Lord Robertson should quietly retire.

The Scottish people do not believe a word Alex Salmond says and are too well off under the Barnett Formula at £3,500 gbp a head to vote for independence.

If they by some fluke do decide to vote for independence then it really is time for England to cut the entire Celtic fringe loose and abolish the Barnett Formula prior to dispatching all Scottish MP’s back on the first available train to Edinburgh out of Kings Cross.

Becoming a tax haven would be a logical next step along with adopting Singaporean style neutrality modelling our public sector on their much more efficient model and stopping the pretence that we are still a “Great Maritime power” or that the world really cares about what we think or do.

After that, we should give the Welsh and Northern Irish the stern word and stop bankrolling them in their so called Parliament and the Welsh Assembly which is nothing more than a monument to windbaggery and cap in hand special pleading.

Sadly, none of this will happen and David Cameron ,the UK,s “Prime Loser” will carry on making wrong decisions,squandering taxpayers money whilst Alex Salmond will go on wasting money north of the border.

John Gelmini


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Opinion: Hunger in America: 2013 United States Hunger and Poverty Facts – John Gelmini

Twickenham United Kingdom

Twickenham United Kingdom (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

The hunger in the US arises because dole is time limited and with food stamps being used by 60 million people and convertible into cash on a black /grey market, some of the money allocated for food is spent on other things including drugs and bills.

The UK has 50 people chasing every job, less than 1% growth and a situation in which over 85% of all jobs go to people of Eastern European descent, not the indigenous population.

A combination of poor money management, feckless behavior on the part of benefit recipients and claimants, benefit sanctions and a policy of forcing people off the unemployment register is partially responsible for levels of hunger within the UK.

“Changes of Circumstances”leading to lengthy delays in receipt of benefit, an unwillingness by Landlords to accept benefit recipients, rising power bills and an inability to cook using fresh ingredients are all contributory causes of hunger within the UK as is the disgraceful treatment of ex forces personnel who end up sleeping rough, traumatized, penniless and hungry.

Variable taxes on foods will help to reduce obesity, improve productivity and reduce NHS and County Council costs.

That will then facilitate a higher rate of enterprise creation as the public sector shrinks down to affordable size.

John Gelmini

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