Opinion: Britain is educating its children for jobs that soon won’t exist-Telegraph-John Gelmini

Dr Alf is right about Mary Riddell, who like many people, completely misses the point on UK education.

The UK state education system is 44th in the world and 29th for numeracy and literacy.

It fails to impart life-skills, a work ethic, personal discipline or the ability to communicate and in the Fens and deprived areas it turns out blockheads who are unemployable full stop.

The jobs market of the future is global and requires language skills which in the UK are barely taught.
Secondly, with augmented reality, 3D printing, robotics, cybernetics, AI and other developments there will not be enough jobs even if the education system is improved.

We need 3% gdp growth for full employment, yet already there are 50 people chasing or not chasing every vacancy.

The next generation of these technologies will take that figure to 100 and beyond which means we need to completely rethink work, education and who gets what.

Teachers, politicians, editorial writers, the public and politicians are “all behind the 8 ball” because they propagate the myth that if only people gained more skills they could all get jobs.

The myth will become more threadbare until the population are ready for an adult debate.

John Gelmini

English: iPhone using the Wikitude application...

English: iPhone using the Wikitude application, demonstrating an example of Augmented Reality (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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