Opinion: “Re-shoring” key to West’s economic recovery: Cameron – Yahoo News – John Gelmini

English: BRIMOB vehicle

English: BRIMOB vehicle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Police water cannon vehicle Nederland...

English: Police water cannon vehicle Nederlands: Waterspuit van de Politie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Water cannon of the French National Police dep...

Water cannon of the French National Police deployed to prevent rioting following Nicolas Sarkozy’s election, May 6, 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is correct and the stories about re-shoring, whilst interesting, do not amount to very much because they have happened purely because of rising shipping costs and public backlash against Indian call centers.

There are still 50 people needing a job for every vacancy and in Davos they are talking about the effect of new technologies on all jobs which will be to halve them within 20 years.

The UK police have asked for water cannon to deal with future riots in 2015 following the next round of austerity measures following the election.

They have done so on the basis of what they know and think will happen not on vague assertions by David Cameron whose statements bear less and less resemblance to reality.

Already, we know that the figures for crime are fiddled downwards from no less a source than the police themselves, talking to a House of Commons Committee. The same is true of unemployment, immigration and the Government’s assertions about creating 1 million new private sector jobs.

Many of these “jobs” are re-categorizations of county council employees, who now work for Capita and Serco doing exactly the same role, re-categorization of police and NHS staff, doing the same job and part time roles of more than one hour a week.

John Gelmini

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