What is Milibandism? | Politics | The Observer

This is a MUST READ article. Check it out!

What is Milibandism? | Politics | The Observer.

I read this article twice because I thought that I had missed the point. Whilst, the observations made are very interesting, this is surely a very long way from defining convictions, vision, strategy and policies?

This reminds me of when I was desperately looking to understand Cameronism is his early days in power. I soon concluded that Cameron was a political butterfly.

This leads me to another open question:

Will Milliband be yet another political butterfly?

Any thoughts?


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  2. Dr Alf should perhaps have struggled less in his efforts to understand what David Cameron and now Miliband are about.

    The Observer is a left wing newspaper and it wants to sell Miliband as the “Coming Man”,someone who is surrounded by bright new thinkers who will together with him make a difference to the lives of ordinary people.

    The reality is quite different.

    The political class as a whole in the UK do not have the answers to the most pressing problems of the day and are not in charge anyway.

    The power lies in Buckingham Palace and at Waddesdon Manor near Aylesbury where Lord Rothschild lives and controls the real capital of the UK, the Square Mile. It was probably on his nod that Tony Blair became Prime Minister and on his orders that Cameron, Brown, Miliband and Clegg became leaders of their respective parties and on his orders that nothing has been done or will be done to deal with the bankers and those behind them who were the eminence grise behind the so called Financial Crisis.

    The politicians to a man are intellectual lightweights who neither know nor care about modern problems and certainly do not understand their effects on the lives of ordinary people.

    Voting for Miliband will change nothing except the name of the man occupying Number 10 Downing Street.
    Policy and decisions will continue to be made in the shadows and the Government will still deliver poor value per taxpayer pound(we are 17th in the world) with a complete mismatch between levels of taxation and what that money should buy which cannot be explained away by cock-ups, waste and mistakes alone.
    In any business where this happened the Finance Director would be sacked and the police brought in along with forensic accountants to track down the money and bring the culprits to justice.

    With the Government,as is the case with the EU where no-one will sign off the accounts as” kosher”, nothing will be done and the possible arrival of Miliband as Prime Minister in 2015 will change nothing.

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