Four former staff of scandal-hit dole-to-jobs firm A4E admit swindling taxpayers | Mail Online

This is truly amazing, MUST READ, article from the MailOnline. Check it out!

via Four former staff of scandal-hit dole-to-jobs firm A4E admit swindling taxpayers | Mail Online.

Off course, those found guilty of fraud should go to jail, preferably for a very long time to deter others from following similar paths.

What amazes me most about this story is the the bungling bureaucrats and inept politicians, who failed to weed out this dishonest behavior at the earliest opportunity.

This leads me to an open question:

How is it possible that UK public procurement could sign up fraudsters?

Any thoughts?

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Opinion: Why is Britain fatter than ever? – Telegraph – John Gelmini

English: Ex-London Transport Routemaster RML26...

English: Ex-London Transport Routemaster RML2635 (NML635), now something to do with the Daily Telegraph. Español: Autobús Routemaster (RM 2635) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf’s question has not been answered by the Daily Telegraph, which prefers, in this instance, to go with prevailing medical opinion, and just agree with NHS doctors that all one has to do to stay thin is eat less and exercise more.

Britain is fatter than ever for a variety of reasons which people for one reason or another do not wish to talk about:

1) Excessive sugar and salt in pre-packaged food

2) Too much alcohol

3) Too much sitting around in cars and lack of walking

4) Estrogen in the water supply and Bis-phenol A in packaging, till rolls, plastics reducing the UK’s male sperm-count to the lowest in Western Europe, and causing erectile dysfunction on a massive scale.

Studies show that 30 minutes of passionate lovemaking is better than a 4 minute mile, swimming or mindless running on the treadmill of a gym, so these chemicals lower the incidence of this vitally important activity in married couples and others engaged in committed relationships

5) Poorer people tend to go to convenience stores and supermarkets where sugar and salt content is higher than foods bought in more upmarket supermarkets

6) Too little sleep – less than 7 hours a day too often will cause you to put on fat

7) Too much sleep and getting up too late in the morning also causes the body to store too much fat

8) Lack of cooking skills and nutritional understanding by the great mass of the UK public

9) Overuse of pre-packaged foods, rather than fresh ingredients

10) Laziness at work, people walking too slowly and being too lazy to cook at night leading to late night snacking.(UK worker productivity is the lowest in Western Europe and 16% below the average for the G7)

11) People eating too late at night and drinking and snacking whilst commuting and then eating again at night after they come home

12) Unemployment, inactivity, too much daytime television and “Facebooking

13) American style “grazing”(eating between meals for self-gratification)

14) Addictive chemicals in fast food causing the eater to want to devour more(MacDonalds was found to be doing this along with its competitors)
15) Depression (40% of the UK population suffer from it) and instead of breaking the cycle with work, activity and enabling philosophy, people comfort eat and drink more alcohol and aspartame laden soft drinks

16) Fluoride and aluminium, both of which cause dementia and lower IQ by 20%, making many members of the public stupid, and unable to take responsibility for themselves and their health

Responsible Governments need to re-educate the public, insist on better food quality and remove these harmful substances from the environment and the food chain.

John Gelmini


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