Opinion: RBS hit with £3bn bill as hopes slide for sell-off before election: Bank faces huge new mis-selling scandal-Mail Online-John Gelmini

Nothing will be done about those responsible for the 2008 Financial Crisis because those responsible are too powerful and control the politicians, the judiciary, the police and the entire system although their spokespersons would have us believe otherwise.

Changing the politicians, regulators or quangocrats makes no difference because who we vote for and who obtains quangocracy appointments are already been decided in advance.

We are told that either the voters decide or that we have a “meritocracy”, in each case this is not the truth because voters are given misleading information and their choices are “edited” to ensure that they choose “correctly”.

As for appointment on merit we have only to look at the NHS, the education system, the fiddled crime figures,the lack of regulation by regulators and the incompetence of the BBC to see that all is not well.

Putting pressure on the politicians can effect small changes but then those costs are clawed back from elsewhere as is happening with HSBC PLC which received record $1.5 billion USD fines imposed by the US Courts for laundering drug money for the Mexican Drug Cartels.

The drug mules took the money to HSBC branches in holdalls designed to precisely fit bank teller windows in HSBC branches yet HSBC at the time and one of its top executives who now advises David Cameron,claimed not to be aware of what was going on.

We now hear that people wishing to make cash withdrawals from HSBC branches have to provide evidence of why they need to withdraw the money and we see that all High Street Clearers from the Big 4 are introducing fee charging accounts and are engaged in new forms of chicanery.

Dr Alf is right to point out that none of our remotely guilty men is being made to pay, so we still have Sir Fred Goodwin with most of his pension, the directors of Equitable Life still live like Roman emperors while their long-suffering policyholders die off one by one,several of the most inept loss creating bankers have been given new jobs and “rewards for failure” is a concept that is alive and well in the UK.

The scale of these activities makes convicted criminals like Ivan Boesky, Michael Milliken and the so-called “Wolf of Wall Street”,Jordan Belfort look like amateurs.

Certainly City bonuses are back and new ways are being devised to circumvent the Government,s bonus cap including doubling basic salaries to ensure that the most productive employees do not leave en mass for more lucrative roles at other banks.

John Gelmini

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