Are the UK floods Cameron’s Katrina? Simon-Wren Lewis – Mainly Macro

This is a powerful, passionate blog from Oxford economist, Simon Wren-Lewis. It’s a MUST READ in my view.

English: David Cameron Deutsch: David Cameron

English: David Cameron Deutsch: David Cameron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Check it out!

mainly macro: Are the UK floods Cameron’s Katrina?

Wren-Lewis argues that the UK flood damage is a direct result of excessive austerity by David Cameron’s government.

Personally, I agree that UK austerity has been excessive and has often been top-down, bacon-slicing, rather than carefully costed and independently risk-assessment.

Let me turn this to an open question:

So if David Cameron is responsible for the excessive UK flood damage, will he be properly held to account?

Any thoughts?

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  2. Simon Wren Lewis is writing nonsense.

    The floods and the lack of timely response to them is typical of the way this country handles every emergency, threat or major risk.

    Typically, no lessons get learned and the same mistakes are made again and again and again, irrespective of whether the country is doing well economically or not.

    At home, I have a biography of Sir Winston Churchill, which I was given for my 8th birthday. In it, there is a picture of the Kaiser walking with Churchillin 1911 and pointing to the widening of the Keil Canal which was subsequently used to try and sink merchant shipping in World War 1 and starve the UK’s population to death.

    Before that in the 1850s, we had the MOD issuing left footed boots to our troops in the Crimea.
    During the 1930s, when Hitler, financed by Wall Street and the City of London through arrangements made by Hubert Schact, Hitler’s Finance Minister and Jacob Schiff, was rearming, Churchill was the lone voice trying to get the Government to rearm.

    The response to the floods is down to misguided spending priorities on overseas aid, warmongering and budgetary malfeasance not austerity.

    The £12 billion wasted in overseas aid is a good example of this as is the proliferation of local authorities and local authority workers who need to failed to listen and by 1940 the country was bankrupt.

    The floods are not David Cameron’s Hurricane Katrina and the poor response has to do with misguided priorities like £12 billion gbp in overseas aid, which should have been stopped years ago, £600 million sent to Syria, billions spent on failed IT projects, the NHS, payoffs to failed quangocrats. They are also down to wastage and probably malfeasance in the management of budgets and projects and in the case of Somerset too many local authorities, drainage boards and officials.

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