New WildLeaks Website Invites Whistle-Blowers on Wildlife Crime

Seized tiger skin

Seized tiger skin (Photo credit: ukhomeoffice)

This is a MUST READ article by National Geographic. Check it out!

New WildLeaks Website Invites Whistle-Blowers on Wildlife Crime.

Personally, as a passionate supporter of wildlife I commend this initiative.

Any views?

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Opinion: British Politicians Blame One Another for Unexpected Flooding – – John Gelmini

Dr Alf poses the right question but in his heart he probably knows that nobody will be held to account and that even if Lord Smith is offered as a scapegoat, he will reappear like the “Bad Terminator” or Nostaferu, rising from his grave, metamorphose into a new role, be offered lucrative directorships and carry on delivering failure as he has always done in each of his previous roles.

The New York Times article will not be lost on its American and global audience and those who might have considered investing in the UK will invest elsewhere because they will see the UK as 3rd rate and as a place where services do not work as they should in a properly run first world country.

UK PLC is as a result a tarnished brand.

What will happen next is a theatrical play with 5 Acts:

Act 1

Lord Smith will resign along with some people in the Environment Agency who gave Lord Smith poor advice

Act 2

Here spring will eventually arrive and because memories are short areas unaffected by the floods will soon forget about the plight of flooded homeowners and drowned livestock until they begin to notice the effect of rising food prices and insurance premiums later in the year

Act 3

A Royal Commission will be set up to look into the floods, resilience and what needs to be done .
Its findings will be filleted by Civil Servants and then ignored

Act 4

The Government and the BBC will then conspire to create a narrative which will say that this is all down to climate change and then after the election, taxes will rise to pay for more “resilient infrastructure” after the “lessons from these floods” has been

Map of the Somerset Levels, UK (and surroundin...

Map of the Somerset Levels, UK (and surrounding area) with the following information shown: Administrative borders Coastline, lakes and rivers Roads and railways Urban areas Equirectangular map projection on WGS 84 datum, with N/S stretched 155% Geographic limits: West: 3.2W East: 2.6W North: 51.33N South: 50.98N (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Act 5

Taxpayers, like the sheep on the Somerset Levels, are being set up again to be well and truly fleeced, the inhabitants of that area removed in the 2014 version of the “Highland Clearances“, whilst the Lord Smith’s of this world and maybe Cuadrilla in the not too distant future will clean up.

John Gelmini

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