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This image shows a Canon EOS 350D digital sing...

This image shows a Canon EOS 350D digital single-lens reflex camera with a Tamron 18-200 f/3.5-6.3 XR Di II LD lens. Thanks to Andreas Böttger for allowing me to make this photo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This is an interesting article from  the NYT if you are a keen photographer. Check it out!

via Organizing Your Photos, Cloud-Free –

Personally, I’m  at the stage of backing up my external drives to the Cloud. Every  photo or video clip is put in a folder/sub-folder by location. Where I struggle is with motivation to start sorting the photos. Professional photographers have told me that the trick is to be rigorous and discard poor  photos quickly.

Any thoughts on the best way to manage digital photos?

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  1. Hi Alf,

    long time no see 😉 as I took a longish time-out from blogging. But I’m back, as you see, with a new blog []..

    As to storing digital photos and The Cloud: I really don’t like The Cloud. I’m old fashioned and want a real physical device. I used to store all my photos, and all my other files, on my computer’s HD. But my old laptop with its 80 GB HD soon proved to be too small a storage. So, since I didn’t really want a new one with a bigger HD – and a new OS at that – I just had an external HD. But now, with a new laptop [I needed one as there’s no longer any support for XP] plus a desktop tower I needed a different kind of storage, especially as my wife needed to access that with her tablet, too. So I got a Western Digital “MyCloud”. That’s basically an external HD [mine has 3 TB capacity] which can be accessed by all computers in our home network, plus – via the internet – from everywhere we have internet connection. This way I really have what I want: storage space galore, on a physical drive in my home, AND access from everwhere and with every device. I’m still in the process of setting everything up properly and getting network-savvy, but so far I’m extremely happy with the arrangements. I can have any file I need access to with different devices on that “MyCloud”, not only pictures.

    As to working with digital pictures: my favourite programme is ACDSee Pro 7. It does (nearly) as much as Photoshop, is easy to handle, and costs but a fraction of the Adobe product. More than enough features for my purposes.

    Best regards from southern Texas,


    P.S.: As a result from all the fracking activities in the Eagle Ford Shale region – you remember, I commented about that in your blog – we have moved to Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill Country.

    • Hi Pit,

      Great to hear from you!

      Best of luck with the new blog.

      I tend to share your views on storage of large amounts of data. I too now have a laptop with a tiny hard-drive, so it’s a brave new world for me, trusting the internet for storage.

      Will check out your software recommendation, thanks.

      Good luck with your new home. Would you like to write a guest blog entitled:

      “Why I moved when the frackers came to town”

      Best regards from Cyprus


      • Hi Alf,
        Thanks for inviting me to write a guest blog re fracking. I’m certainly considering it. Especially as you mentioned that article in the FT. I still have to read that, and then comment in your blog, answering your questions there. All of that may take a little time, though, as I’m still struggling with the effects of moving to Fredericksburg: house, garden and new computers.
        Best regards from the beautiful Texas Hill Country,

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