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English: Pylons carrying power from the Sizewe...

English: Pylons carrying power from the Sizewell Nuclear power stations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf raises legitimate concerns about fracking but as the UK only has 4% overcapacity in relation to energy supply it faces blackouts in the event of a hard winter.

It also faces a balance of payments crisis if what little industry we have has to shut down, as it did under Prime Minister Ted Heath during the miners strikes of the 1970′s.

Fracking is less environmentally damaging than coal mining and less dangerous for those employed in it and in the absence of nuclear power stations or the release of Singlepoint energy, the UK now has no choice but to frack and frack now.

Other countries, like America, have much more natural resources than we do and have the military power to seize oilfields and countries with the natural resources they need whilst leaving their own resources in situ.

We in the UK are powerless, have a weakened navy and no coastal protection vessel.

For years, we have failed to plan for our future energy needs, have not renewed our housing stock to German standards and have not developed proper industrial or population policies.

France currently exports electricity to us generated by one of it’s nuclear power stations, whereas we have decommissioned power stations and failed to replace them. We have built wind turbines, which are only 14% efficient and cost everyone in the country £2,500 gbp in subsidies.

So for all these reasons, Dr Alf’s misgivings aside, we have to frack and frack now and put Druids, gnostics and so called environmentalists like George Monbiot on notice that we will not put up with them impeding progress towards energy self sufficiency, computerization and all the aspects of modern life that they would, if given the chance, deny to the rest of us. Some of these people are establishment figures with a great deal of power who would like to put the clock back and transform the UK and much of the world into a medieval fiefdom. They are against fracking, against nuclear power; they are for “personal carbon footprints” and would confine people like Dr Alf to a tiny area no bigger than the area of my sister’s back garden “marked” by my neighbour’s cat “Beckham”.These strictures would not apply to themselce, of course, as they would be able to travel to Davos, Bilderberg(upcoming conference in Copenhagen) and elsewhere as they do now.


John Gelmini

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