With 55% youth unemployment, what is the future for Spain’s lost generation? – FT.com

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This is an outstanding, MUST-READ, article from the FT. Check it out!

via Generation Spain – FT.com

This article, written by the FT”s bureau chief in Spain, Tobias Buck, tells the story from the perspective of a number of Spain’s young people. I found the individual stories sad and moving.

As I read the article at home in Cyprus, my mind drifted to the millions of millennials, across Europe, who are facing a similar risk of being written off as the Lost Generation.

In my view, all millennials, across Europe, are at risk, unless they are from wealthy or privileged families. Obviously, there is less risk in more prosperous countries, like Germany, but there is still a serious risk. International mobility of labour will eventually create a crisis, even in the most prosperous countries.

In recent years, European policy-makers have been responsible for excessive austerity and now they are worried about their political futures as Europe’s citizens cast their votes.

Let me turn this to an open question:

What are the three most important policy initiatives to redress Europe’s millennials being remembered as the Lost Generation?

Any thoughts?


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US vice-president Joe Biden pushes energy cooperation in visit to Cyprus | World news | theguardian.com

Official portrait of Vice President of the Uni...

Official portrait of Vice President of the United States . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a MUST READ article from the Guardian. Check it out!

via US vice-president Joe Biden pushes energy cooperation in visit to Cyprus | World news | theguardian.com

Being based in Cyprus, I read this article with considerable interest. For years, US policy has regarded Turkey as strategic and Cyprus as problematic. All has now changed, given the discovery of huge offshore gas and oilfields in the Eastern Mediterranean – big winners will be Cyprus and Israel. Now that Russia has focused its growing gas market towards China, Europe is now vulnerable strategically. This last point is well understood by Joe Biden, US Vice President.

This leads me to an open question:

Why can the EU still not see the strategic importance of Cyprus to developing offshore gas and oil, just like US VP, Joe Biden?

Any thoughts?


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