US vice-president Joe Biden pushes energy cooperation in visit to Cyprus | World news |

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This is a MUST READ article from the Guardian. Check it out!

via US vice-president Joe Biden pushes energy cooperation in visit to Cyprus | World news |

Being based in Cyprus, I read this article with considerable interest. For years, US policy has regarded Turkey as strategic and Cyprus as problematic. All has now changed, given the discovery of huge offshore gas and oilfields in the Eastern Mediterranean – big winners will be Cyprus and Israel. Now that Russia has focused its growing gas market towards China, Europe is now vulnerable strategically. This last point is well understood by Joe Biden, US Vice President.

This leads me to an open question:

Why can the EU still not see the strategic importance of Cyprus to developing offshore gas and oil, just like US VP, Joe Biden?

Any thoughts?


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  1. Dr Alf poses an interesting point as does the Guardian.
    What is less known is the fact that Jo Biden’s son is in the oil business and of course Biden senior has to look to his own future when he is no longer Vice President.
    The Eurocrats are clearly not concerned with oil and gas in Cyprus and Israel because they imagine that they can muddle through with deals with Russia,deposits they find themselves and conservation.
    They are not interested in increasing supply but rather on taxing their own people more heavily through environmental taxes levied on “green technologies” and packaged up as their response to what they claim is the biggest problem of our age “tackling climate change”.
    Their actions are the best guide to their approach to everything as evidenced by their failure to see that Europe needs to make and sell things,become more productive and pay its way.
    The result is that Europe cannot create enough jobs,particularly for its young people and cannot deliver on the promises that were made as far back as 1974 about the benefits of Europe.
    This ostrich like approach to oil and gas is yet another example of the slowness and lack of dynamism of the EU as compared with the workaholic tendencies of Biden who sees Turkey as unstable and is keen to help Israel and put Vladimir Putin in his place.

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