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Labour for Scottish Independence

Labour for Scottish Independence (Photo credit: Màrtainn)

This is an excellent article on Scottish independence from Oxford ecoonomist, Simon Wren-Lewis. Check it out!

via mainly macro: Scottish Independence – Simon Wren-Lewis.

Personally, I fear that Scottish Independence will be a major mistake for both Scotland and the UK.

Any thoughts?

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Whom Do Millennials Trust Most? Themselves –

Subregions of Europe (The World Factbook)

Subregions of Europe (The World Factbook) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a recommended read from the National Journal. Check it  out! Whom Do Millennials Trust Most? Themselves.

The article examines latest research in the US, comparing the views of millennials to Gen X and baby boomers.

The conclusion is that the millennials trust themselves, are wary of the economic outlook and favor an independent career. Based upon my own perception,

I sense that Europe, especially austerity ravaged Southern Europe is behind the curve. I do not believe that the majority of European millennials are yet ready to go it alone. Sadly, many politicians and the media are painting a picture that things will eventually improve, implying that jobs will be forthcoming. Economic migration is taking the unemployed increasingly to other countries, where there are more jobs. But the recent EU elections have shown that there is a growing hostility to open immigration in Europe.

Apart from the small minority of the wealthy and privileged, millennials and their parents need to do a risk assessment, and look hard at the opportunities for effective mitigation. Any thoughts on how European millennials must help themselves become more independent to survive in the hostile economic climate?

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