A Possible Radical UK Healthcare Agenda for UKIP? – John Gelmini


Dr Alf is right but the UK’s NHS managers are a breed apart, perhaps the World’s worst bureaucracy, almost akin to Japanese knotweed and the Mr Smith cyborg character in the original Matrix film.


They have a life of their ow n, are capable of fast replication; they create trouble and enormous costs and they consume anything and everything of value.

As with pigeons and other forms of unwanted creatures, the prescription has to be exceptionally severe and precise, otherwise the managers come back in greater numbers.

Mrs Thatcher introduced managers to the NHS to stop hospital consultants

UK Independence Party

UK Independence Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

wasting money.

But by the time she had been removed from office by the treacherous Heseltine,Lord Howe and the rest of the plotters including Kenneth Clarke who sits on the Bilderberg steering committee which made the original decision to remove her ,the number of NHS managers had increased by 189%.
Tony Blair’s arrival was supposed to improve matters but under him and then Gordon Brown, NHS managers increased by a further 225%.

Attempts to reduce their number sees them disappear on a Friday,trouser huge payoffs and then reappear as interims or contractors on double or quintruple the money within the course of 5 days to 6 weeks.

They hide behind the smokescreen of elderly people getting dementia and the rise of obesity,diabetes and cancer as well as the rise in the costs of drugs to treat these conditions.

They refuse to allow anyone other than someone who has worked in the NHS to help to reform it and recruitment consultants and interim managers who place these people are all guilty of perpetuating the contagion and this massive drain on the public purse.

The obvious reforms are:

–Merge Adult Social Care and the NHS
–Variable taxes on foods
–Paying doctors to keep people well and out of hospital
–Recognising that food is medicine
–Educating people to eat sensibly and exercise
–Encouraging people to take responsibility for their own health
–Encourage vitamin supplementation
–Weed out malingerers in GP surgeries and stop them cluttering up A & E
–Making people who engage in alcohol and drug fuelled violence at weekends pay for their treatment if they are found by a court to be the instigators of such violence
–Remove harmful chemicals from the environment,packaging,tins,till rolls,plastics,food,household items,the air,cars and furnishings
–Use acupressure and Chinese self healing methods, rather than drugs
–Discourage the consumption of red meat in favour of fish,chicken and vegetables
–Clean up the water
–Ban fluoride and aluminium cooking utensils
–Use the zoning and planning laws to reduce the number of fast food outlets,fish and chip shops
–Apply life sentences to drug barons with no parole
–Teach everyone in school enabling philosophies such as Stoicism and NLP so that they can cope without antidepressant drugs
–Do not build houses within a kilometer of electricity pylons
–Promote organic farming and less importation of food
–Put trees around all factories,industrial estates and motorways to clean up the air and reduce respiratory diseases
–Discourage bizarre and unusual sexual practices,support family life and traditional marriage.
NB)People who are married in stable relationships outlive everyone else and are healthier by a wide margin with very few exceptions other than spinsters by choice.
The model of healthcare should be a best in breed mixture of Italy’s,Germany‘s and France’s healthcare system and all homes should have Rife machines with people trained to use them.
Managers should be present but only in the numbers actually required.
For the rest it should be “termination with extreme prejudice” and severe admonishment in a way that strikes at bank balances for recruiters.

If the UKIP is to seriously challenge the mainstream UK parties, it must develop radical policies in all areas of government. The above is a strawman for the UKIP on UK heathcare policy?


Any thoughts?


John Gelmini

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