Treasury figures show more than 3 million UK jobs are reliant on the EU – Telegraph

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This is a  MUST READ article from  the Telegraph. Check it out!


via Treasury figures show more than 3 million UK jobs are reliant on the EU – Telegraph.


Whatever  happened to the Coalition’s commitment to open government?


Surely, the right thing to do is to publish the evidence?


It looks like Cameron has battles on two fronts this week, with:


  1. Leaders of EU on Friday, and the
  2. Liberal Party, junior partner to the Coalition





2 responses

  1. The Treasury seem part of the Tory party, when the EU is a bankrupt continent with massive debts that will one day default anyway, dragging the Euro down with it.

    The danger of the starving rising in revolt is high.

    You cannot keep up austerity forever without a breaking point.

    The 3 million jobs in the UK and Scotland (when it goes Free after 18 September to get rid of the burden of austerity) would be better to move their reliance to nations who have not been in recession for years, like Australia, China, SE Asia, India.

    The Bond movies changed to suit Asian audiences that are the bulk of the profit made.

    The danger in Tory run England of the starving making 2015 the lowest voter turnout in UK history, so making all parties a minority government so causing stagnation is high.

    The current political class in UK do not represent the majority of the nation and are too remote from business and people together. This is not true for Scotland at least, with its hope to free itself from the burden of London rule.

    3 million jobs depend on innovative sales pitch to the rich nations of the world, not those who will suffer some time soon from becoming as poor as the nations they are driving to death with Merkel’s rule.

    • Thank you for sharing your viewpoint.

      The Treasury, and indeed any government department must take their lead from the government in power. When there is a coalItion, matters are more tricky but the loyalty is presumably to the minister. Clearly, there has been difference in opinion between the Danny Alexander and George Osborne. Clearly, Alexander has gone against the wishes of the majority of the government to score political points and has embarassed the Treasury. Surely, the Government must now release the Treasury evidence for independent scrutiny?

      I am not convinced that your argument would have the support of the likely three million who would lose their jobs. People vote for their own economic and social welfare and best interest surely? For example, take the case of women who have had their pensions deferred.

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