Opinion: European Commission (EU_Commission) on Twitter – Is this deliberate dys-information?

Yesterday, by far my most popular blog was entitled European Commission (EU_Commission) on Twitter – Where’s the strategy guys?.

So I thought that I would take another look this morning and see what the European Commission were discussing on Twitter. Take a look for yourselves by opening the following link:

via European Commission (EU_Commission) on Twitter

Personally, with record unemployment in Europe, absence of cohesive foreign, economic, defense and energy policies, I was amazed to see that the mighty European Commission was giving top priority to a smartphone app for road traffic updates. Surely, some joker is taking the “**ss”?

Do the unemployed, especially the millennials in Southern European, countries like Cyprus, really want to know about smartphone apps? Surely, Southern Europe’s millennials, who have probably been denied work and social normality are more interested in reversing the EC’s erroneous policies of excessive austerity? What about investment in Cyprus energy sector, for example?

I realize that the European Commission is urgently awaiting a new leader on Friday, following the vote that David Cameron has forced.

This brings me to an open question:

European Commission

European Commission (Photo credit: tiseb)

Is the European Commission pumping dys-information to deliberately deflect away from it’s absence of leadership, focus, strategy, as well as inefficiency and  ineffectiveness?

Any thoughts?

3 responses

  1. The starving from austerity in south and eastern Europe by design by EU / Merkel and the banks supporting what will cause the people to rise up in revolt one day – the Bastille moment to the Marie Antoinette rulers – could get a better way.

    The banks demand the end of the EU as a nation state in its own right and take ownership of all bank and built assets of EU government, salaries and expenses bank accounts of all MEPs and altogether use that money to pay off all sovereign debts to them.

    All indebted nations would then have a fresh clear slate of no debt and no tax burden on paying MEPs salaries and expenses and contributions to another layer of government, that has just brought ever more misery to most of the population of Europe, and a war with Russia on the sly, to the poor Ukranians losses of family members.

    With Euro money gone, means each national currency could deflate where needed.

    And all European nations would then be able to trade direct with nations not in recession and well in funds like India, Australia, Russia, China and SE Asia.

    And tourism from those nations increase.

    You watch as even Greece springs back, as they did after 400 years of Turkish rule, followed by other wars, then occupation by the Gestapo, a civil war. All not ending til 1950s. Then in my lifetime watched how it just sprang from nothing to a modern city of Athens and Thessaloniki in the 1960s to 1980s.

    Cyprus would be just as able to get back into the black.

    • Many thanks for sharing your views. I think that the scenario that you outline is a bit extreme. Also I struggle to see how the UK women’s pension age will ever return to sixty.

      Thanks again

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