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English: The emblem of the European Council La...

English: The emblem of the European Council Latina: Insignia Consilium Europaeum ‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Det europeiske råds emblem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used Storify to pick up a series of leading articles following Jean-Claude Juncker‘s election yesterday. Check it out!

via What’s trending on Jean-Claude Juncker (with tweets) · dralfoldman · Storify.

According to Juncker’s Twitter profile, he’s now <<the  President-designate of the. >>

Meanwhile, this week, the German media has been taking a hard look at Juncker, following his decision to continue with lucrative private speaking engagement during his election campaign. Is Juncker vulnerable to lobbying from powerful vested interest groups? Will we see the European Commission’s Twitter feed increasingly defending decisions like their promotion of Smartphone apps. for road traffic?

Personally, I think that Juncker is already a lame-duck. The big decisions will be increasingly taken by Europe’s real leaders, especially Germany‘s Angela Merkel. Europe’s leaders will want to reverse the creeping bureaucratization at the European Commission – it will be popular at home.

I suspect that Europe’s media will continue to look for dirt on Juncker. We have already had the UK tabloids questioning his drinking habits. The Economist has been critical of Juncker’s economic leadership during Europe’s crisis. Juncker must bear responsibility for Europe’s excessive austerity, and record numbers of unemployed millennials, especially in Southern Europe, like Greece and Spain.

This week, I have been dwelling on the absence of cohesive strategy from the European Commission. I fear that Juncker will be a political fixer, rather than strategist.

Any thoughts on Juncker, the lame-duck head of the European Commission?

Jean-Claude Juncker

Jean-Claude Juncker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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  1. I am responding to Dr Alf’s blog entitled “What’s Trending on Juncker?”. From my vantage in the UK, here are my views.

    Juncker is there as Mrs Merkel’s placeman, which is why he is there in the first place.

    What David Cameron wants or doesn’t want is an irrelevance because Germany runs the EU and Merkel is the person with the most power in Europe and the person to whom the Chinese, the Russians and the Americans pay attention.

    Juncker is a man who is the architect of the tax haven known as Luxembourg and it’s biggest client is Vodaphone which has been saved £17 billion gbp thanks to poacher turned gamekeeper Dave Hartnett, the former CEO of HMRC.

    Also beneficiaries of advance tax agreements designed by PwC for the Grand Duchy are HSBC, Glaxo and Guardian Media Group (Source: Private Eye 1315 and Premier Lignes, the French TV station).

    Juncker is reputedly fond of his alcoholand in the same mode as Catherine Ashton and Van Rumpuoy, both of whom are unelected, and ineffectual apparatchiks, in my view.

    So beyond assisting Merkel and wealthy firms avoid tax, he serves no real purpose other than to help fleece EU taxpayers.

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