Opinion – A new Cold War as Russia threatens food and flights – Independent.ie -John Gelmini



Press statements following the BRICS summit.

Press statements following the BRICS summit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is right, the ratcheting up of sanctions will produce a new Cold War and tip most of Europe back into recession. It is by no means certain that the sanctions on either side would work or create any particular advantage for anyone other than armaments firms, investors in defence stocks and the bankers who provide companies like Raytheon, Gruman,the Carlyle Group and BAE Defence systems with money.

It might be good for those interested in buying gold and for those involved in its sale.

Other than that, it is going to mean costlier foods, more expensive airline travel, higher fuel prices, greater unemployment and misery.

This is how it will be for the bulk of ordinary people, who always get the short end of the stick.

Should things turn ugly with say the annexation of Eastern Ukraine, the result will be deaths in the ensuing war and occupation, global uncertainty about the future, and China and the rest of the BRICS increasingly wanting to do their own thing and get progressively out of the Dollar.

How any of this is in our collective interests I fail to see but I am willing to be enlightened.

John Gelmini



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  1. The Western Alliance, accused Russia of either bringing down the domestic flight plane or behind so called rebels being aided in the destruction of this plane, the Western media, assumed they were culpable, and decided to punish Russia, in bank and trade restrictions, Russia, may or not have been behind this, no proof such as satellite evidence is offered.
    Their is a different possibility and for good reason, it could be a operation with either America, Israel or Britain, behind this operation.
    Russia, decided to place a embargo on imports with regard to America, EU, and Australia, the Australian politics took great offence at Russia’s embargo on exports, saying Russia, is bullying Australia, Australia, Tony Abbott, was the most adamant critic of Russia, it is propaganda to define the situation as such, no one in Australia criticized Abbott, he is the first to condemn and the first to be a wimp, the worst type of individual to govern.

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