Obama vow to speed deportation of children at odds with public opinion | Reuters


This is a MUST READ story from Reuters.

Obama vow to speed deportation of children at odds with public opinion | Reuters.


Once again, it looks like Obama’s leadership  skills are under   scrutiny.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Opinion – Radical Reform of the Public Sector – Bring Back Immediately Women’s State Pension at 60


View of the House of Lords Chamber in the Pala...

View of the House of Lords Chamber in the Palace of Westminster, London, looking from the galleries towards the Throne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently, I have blogged on the Economist’s lead article on public sector reform. I have also reblogged the views of John Gelmini.

Below is a second detailed response from “Bring Back Immediately Women’s State Pension at 60″, which I am re-blogging. Whilst I do not necessarily agree with viewpoint, I feel that the narrative presents a balanced alternative viewpoint.


Viewpoint of Bring Back Immediately Women’s State Pension at 60″

I thank Dr Alf for the opportunity to respond to his blog and the views of John Gelmini. I have a different viewpoint.

Central call centres were a disaster for the Police, by call operatives not knowing the local area.

The frontline basic pay staff are the reason for government, not management.

A huge welfare burden is yet to come in UK from 2016 to women born since 1953 and men born since 1951, who will be left penniless forever in old age by the 2014 Pension Bill:

Frontline staff need to remain, management can be cut to nothing by making councils unitary in England and Wales (already exist in Scotland) as well as political costs of far less councillors and their expenses.

Councils need to end funding ceremonial mayors and Lord Mayors, as outdated waste of funding, when councils in the UK are the only nation in Europe that do not provide council-run kitchens granting daily hot meals and hot drinks to the working poor, poor pensions and unemployed.

The NHS is not over-staffed, but massively under-staffed in medical professionals, and over-staffed in management.

The waste is N.I.C.E. and other admin such as Trusts.

If the NHS went back to being run by the senior medical consultants, standards would rise and medical staff gain full staffing.

Outsourcing costs more, not less in government.

Trade union recognition is a basic right to offset the slavery view of employees by management. It has ever been thus. Such a belief as not recognising organised labour is as fascistic as denying universal suffrage in voting.

The civil service in the UK is the lowest since the War.

Benefit delays and sanctioning caused a 70 per cent rise in starvation and even death in the UK. Placing a burden on the NHS by malnutrition admission cases.

Not least made worse by the Bedroom Tax, taxing the poorest, when politicians are paid a spare room subsidy in their second home allowance of at least £20,100 (£100 taken off the most elderly from Winter Fuel Allowance) plus all the second home expenses on top.

VAT on food already exists.

The poorest pay more VAT / stealth taxes (75 per cent of tax from people in the UK) than any other income level, so suffered the rise in VAT more, when realising that stealth taxes mean a 90 per cent tax rate for the poor of all ages, in or out of work and however long we live.

Benefit admin could be abolished altogether, saving billions, by all parties in UK taking into their 2015 general election manifesto, that which is offered by The Greens, of a:

– universal, non-means tested Citizen Income, non-withdrawable, in or out of work.

So solving starvation once and for all, together with the abolition of the Bedroom Tax that also takes food out of the mouths of all ages and children in the UK.

The Bedroom Tax costs the taxpayer by arrears, court and eviction costs, and then councils having to house those made homeless, even at a great age.

The socialists in the UK back in 1997 offered:

– state pension at 55 for men and women at £320 per week
– 50 per cent rise to current receivers of state pension and pensioner benefits.

With Citizen Income and a livabe state pension (the sole source of income for many in old age in UK), jobs would blossom on the high street, where the poor and pensioners shop in the UK.

The political class could be permanently cut by the end of the House of Lords and the huge costs of MEPs and contributions to the EU government saving billions forever.

As MPs cost above £100 million in expenses each year, that is what needs a major overhaul to merge politicians into the civil service already standing budget funding, and a ‘barracks’ not second home allowance in London.

All this would give any party that offered these a massive landslide victory to form a majority government in 2015 general election in the UK.

I’d vote for such a party, as would millions who will not vote to the amount of 70 per cent of the UK electorate.

Any views?

Bring Back Immediately Women’s State Pension at 60