Opinion – Japanese ate Indian PoWs, used them as live targets in WWII – The Times of India – John Gelmini

 Like Dr Alf, I found this article interesting but we cannot dwell on the activities of the people who did this, most of whom were either executed by hanging or who are now well into their 90s and will soon all be dead.

It goes to show, once again, that there is no monopoly on either suffering or evil.

Having studied world history, I have compared all the various atrocities visited by different armies on civilian populations and the numbers of deaths start at:

-100 million people killed in the Opium Wars

-70 million killed by Mao Tse Tung –

-66 million killed in Stalin’s Gulags

-47 million killed when Pakistan was granted independence from India, courtesy of Lord Mountbatten

-10 million Africans killed by Leopold of Belgium by his private armies

-6 million Jews killed by the Nazis

-3 million Cambodians killed by Pol Pot

-3 million Armenians killed by the Turks, etc,etc.

The Japanese in World War II had an appalling record and were unrelentingly cruel but in the league table of shame, others have even more to answer for.

These figures do not begin to count the actual casualties of wars, ethnic cleansing, area bombing and the use of 2 atomic bombs, one on Hiroshima and the second on Nagasaki.

The present youth of the world, other than radicalized Muslims and other brainwashed fanatics, represent the future and so far they seem not to want to embrace warfare.

We need to engage with them and recognize that according to the Hopi Indian Chronicles and the Vedic texts we have had 4 world wars before the last 2.

With the world’s population now at 7 billion and soon to be 10 billion within another 30 years we are now in a situation where 50% of people will live in cities.

Any future war with the space based weaponry and killing capacity we have via Tesla cannon, weather warfare, ultra low-frequency sound weapons, neutron bombs and red mercury is going to mean casualties on a scale bigger than all the preceding wars combined.

That should give us all reason for pause and the Indian Government the motivation to try to re-energize its economy, try to limit the ingrained corruption and help to develop mechanisms to try to reduce the possibility of more wars and limit the scale of those we have.

The expansion of radicalized Islam and wholesale murder under the label of Jihad is however, a major threat to this process.

For this reason, those engaged in it need to be treated as outlaws and dealt with by a process of “termination with  extreme prejudice”.

That means the use of drones, particle beam weaponry, Tesla cannon and terminator robots programmed to hunt them down remorselessly whenever they try to hide amongst ordinary people.

In this way, we can eliminate the contagion in our midst without risking civilian casualties as “collateral damage” and without risking the blood and treasure represented by our young military men and woman.

John Gelmini

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