Angry Britain

This is worth a read, especially given that it’s written by a teenager!

What Youth Think

If you check the Twitter or Facebook feed of any politician, political party, company, news agency, TV channel, journalist, author – in fact pretty much anyone – you’ll notice one thing. No matter what they say, in the replies, someone will be angry with them.

If ITV News dare post a positive or light hearted story, they’ll be vilified for ‘ignoring the important things happening in the world.’ If a politician tweets about an inspirational person or cause, they’re ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ merely for personal gain, and if that happens to David Cameron he should ‘get back to running the country’ even if it happens to be 3:30 on a Sunday afternoon. If a mobile phone network (possibly among the most hated companies in the country) makes a gag they’re ridiculed for awful signal or customer service. All this moaning can only suggest one thing. Britain is full of very angry people.

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  1. This post by Dr Alf is interesting because it shows the views of a teenager.

    Public opinion is very easily manipulated and almost everybody earning less than £100,000 gbp a year knows intuitively that there is something wrong with the country despite the current mood music that says jobs are being created and that we are powering out of recession.

    Officially,for example ,the crime figures have fallen but the public know that it is almost impossible to get a burglary investigated or find a policeman when you need one.

    Speed or park badly then you will be knee deep in policemen and traffic wardens because motoring offences raise money for the Treasury whereas burglary and public nuisance offences raise nothing.
    This is why private prosecutions are on an upward trajectory and why the public mistrust the crime figures.In my own county of Hertfordshire we have one of the better constabularies yet by the admission of the Chief Constable himself ,35% of crimes are not even recorded.

    The public see that if you are an MP and you steal and fiddle your expenses you will probably get away with it and if you are a banker or plutocrat you can rack up huge losses and make the public pay through bailouts and bail ins.

    They contrast this with their own treatment by the courts and they see a yawning gap.
    They see that some people ,a tiny minority are given special treatment but for them it is harsh treatment and bland explanations.

    The public do not believe the immigration figures or that the Government is doing enough to build houses or create full time jobs or deal with those people who really do not want to work.
    The public do not believe the Government’s narrative on Global Warming or its newer cousin Climate Change even with the best efforts of the BBC to convince them otherwise.

    Similarly they mistrust the Government on food quality following the Foot and Mouth outbreak,BSE and conflicting advice on foods to eat and foods to avoid.

    After the 1st and 2nd Iraq wars the public do not believe in the reasons advanced for our involvement(“Weapons of Mass destruction” that represented a threat that was “credible”,”growing” and that Saddam Hussein had missiles capable of striking the UK ” within 45 minutes”.

    After 500 deaths in Afghanistan of our young fighting men and countless injuries the public does not buy the narrative which says that we have been fighting terrorism that would hurt us here in the UK.
    They know the explanation is bogus but most do not know the real geopolitical reasons.

    The public have travelled a bit and in those travels more and more of them have seen that quite a few countries are better run and that their people are more equal and more prosperous.

    Emigration seminars are fully booked and more and more people have followed Dr Alf,s and Sir Richard Branson,s example and voted with their feet to live elsewhere.

    Those people who remain who know something is wrong but lack the insight to really understand what is going on know they are being conned,know that they are being lied to and know that they are being fleeced.

    Most see themselves as powerless to change this but deep down they are angry and frustrated.
    So far this anger and frustration is being cleverly diverted with various distractions like the Olympics,the Jubilee,the Commonwealth Games and bogus figures on employment,a pre election boom and the buildup to the 100th anniversary of the start of World War 1.

    The political classes and those who control them are worried which is why they are keen to increase internet and social media surveillance,why they have given traffic wardens and the Highways Agency dormant powers of arrest in the event that there is a major insurrection domestically.

    • John, I absolutely agree with your spot on analysis.

      We are frustrated and powerless which manifests as anger and we do seem to be being distracted with a lot of ‘games’ etc. – an ancient Roman ploy.

      The surveillance is a clever form of control which I think has been pre-planned anyway.

      Perhaps the angry state we are in (and any possible unrest) is exactly the result intended!

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