The Great Chinese Exodus – WSJ

English: The Chinese characters "漢語/汉语&qu...

English: The Chinese characters “漢語/汉语” meaning the Chinese language, made using the 汉鼎简中楷/汉鼎繁中楷 truetype font Category:Chinese writing Category:Language names in non-Latin scripts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article from the WSJ is well worth a read. Check it out!

via The Great Chinese Exodus – WSJ.

As I read the article, I was fascinated how Chinese could go to the US so easily. Presumably, there is a special residency visa class for those that can afford it?

Any thoughts?


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  1. In the past, China was held back by being too insular. This new trend of international interaction will benefit us all as China has so much to offer. The Chinese are decent, gifted and hard-working people.

    As stated in the article, due to its vastness, China still has work to do at home – here again, global influence could modernise old attitudes.

    Could China lead the way to a better world?

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