China’s education ministry warns qualifications of British universities – People’s Daily Online

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This is a MUST-READ article from China leading newspaper, Peoples Daily Online. Check it out!

via China’s education ministry warns qualifications of British universities – People’s Daily Online.

It looks like the UK’s Home Office is once again blundering with visas, this time for China’s students who are trying to gain qualifications of British Universities.


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  1. Dr Alf raises an interesting point.

    Chinese students represent the biggest single group of foreign students in the country and an invaluable source of revenue which our universities cannot do without.
    This is true of Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Loughborough, Manchester, Warwick and Sheffield.

    Unlike our students these Chinese students pay full tuition fees and spend far more in the country than do our students.

    I see them every day in Cambridge, have met a number of them in Loughborough and in Wuxi during my visit there in 2011.

    This payment of full tuition fees happens because most of them have wealthy parents or parents who are important officials.

    The Home Office under Mrs May is still not fit for purpose and risks alienating these students and their parents by biting the hand that helps to feed these universities.

    One day they will be important people in their own right and they will remember what happened to them.

    As usual Mrs May and her holidaying boss David Cameron are acting with incredible arrogance and stupidity especially as we want the Chinese to help fund our major infrastructure projects and build nuclear power stations at Hinckley Point in Somerset.

    Without these power stations, we will experience damaging blackouts of the kind we used to experience when the mineworkers were able to hold the country to ransom.
    The two sets of events are not directly linked but if I can see what is going on so can the Chinese.

    Already a consortium of British businessmen and businesswoman are lobbying the Government hard over the visa regime changes made by Mrs May which do not address the problems.
    These include the directors of Harrods, members of the British Retail Consortium and Willy Walsh CEO of British Airways.

    The average Chinese tourist spends an average of £650 gbp per day more than anyone else who comes here but Mrs May and Cameron still do nothing.
    Frankly we deserve better than these bumbling fools whose level of business acumen and commonsense resembles that of a lobotomised Armadillo.

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