Delhi’s sex ratio up, but still among the worst – The Times of India

India sex ratio map en

India sex ratio map en (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is another excellent article from the Times of India. Check it out!

via Delhi’s sex ratio up, but still among the worst – The Times of India.

Here is an extract:

The significant gap in the number of males and females in the city points to widespread female feticide, experts say. Various studies by voluntary organizations have also shown the preference for a male child in many parts of the city.

India is proudly the largest democracy in the World with a rich history but sadly in the World’s eyes, India image is tarnished with foeticide.


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  1. Sadly Dr Alf and the Times of India have identified what has been going on for years and is a bi-product of an alien philosophy that belongs in a bye-gone age.

    This will not change for at least 2 or 3 generations even if the Indians started revamping their state education system immediately.

    What you are talking about is changing what is in the hearts,souls and minds of people who imagine that killing baby girls in an effort to produce males is a good idea.

    You would have to have compulsory birth registration with bio-metric identification linked to a secure number and an address.

    Then you would need to root out and severely punish non registrants and give compulsory family planning advice to families especially in remote areas where you would have to have armies of car driving midwives because of the lack of maternity hospitals.

    The police would have to be set progressively higher targets for arresting and bringing child murderers to justice and those who did not meet them could expect to be sacked and stripped of their pension rights on the basis of industrial misconduct and breach of public duty.

    Where necessary this would extend to whole regional police forces so that as happened with the West
    Midlands Regional Crime Squad in the UK which the Chief Constable said was corrupt,every single police officer from the commander downwards was fired.

    Policing Ministers who presided over failure would be sacked,surcharged and barred from public office.
    The Indian Government has a non existent record of dealing with such matters so the prospects of them ever doing so in my lifetime are remote barring another “Damascene conversion”.

    This time not of one haughty and cruel Saul of Tarsus but millions of people all at once.

    • It is dreadfully sad and, as you say, will take eons to correct. What happens to all the young men with not enough females in the population?

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