Do nothing, and we invite the tide of terror to our front door -Boris Johnson- Telegraph

English: Mayor of London, Boris Johnson poses ...

English: Mayor of London, Boris Johnson poses for a photo prior to ringing the opening bell at NASDAQ on September 14, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This robust article from London Mayor, and possible future UK Prime Minister, is well worth a read. Check it out!

via Do nothing, and we invite the tide of terror to our front door – Telegraph.

My only concern with this article is that it’s unrealistic to be effective  against ISIS, without putting ground troops back in the Middle East.

But, putting ground troops back in the Middle East, will confirm that President Obama’s foreign policy has been ineffective.

Any thoughts?




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  1. Dr Alf and Boris Johnson are both right, in that something needs to be done, and frankly it does not matter about Obama’s previous foreign policy mistakes because that man is an incompetent, out of touch and out of his depth.

    The UK has a special responsibility to intervene because many of these terrorists are UK citizens.

    Our response in the UK should be to immediately revoke the passports of anyone travelling back from designated countries, unless they can provide robust, third party, independent evidence of their bona fides.

    Incitement to Jihad is incitement to murder and engaging in Jihad is attempted or actual murder, wherever on the planet it is committed; thus the excuse that we need changes in the law is nonsense. We must enforce the law we have.

    The SAS need to be given full remit, if they have not already had it, to hunt these people down, wherever they are.

    People supporting ISIS in any form, both directly and indirectly, must be targeted by the police and the courts under the 1318 Treason Act. This should apply to people who have become “radicalized” and who now seek to engage in Jihad.

    ISIS need to be targeted by swarms of drones and the full armory of modern technology.

    If we do not want to put “boots on the ground”, then we should do it by proxy by placing a bounty on the heads of all ISIS fighters and getting expert mercenary forces to do it for us. It is either that or the day may yet come when these people will need to be dealt with in our own communities, with serious collateral damage, like in Gaza.

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