Opinion – Europe needs France to find a leader who can enact structural reform – Telegraph – John Gelmini


Français : Francois Hollande - Mardis de l'ESSEC

Français : Francois Hollande – Mardis de l’ESSEC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The French have over the years been unwilling to make difficult economic choices, change with the times or ” bite the bullet”.

For too long, they have imagined that they can remain in bucolic rural splendor, ignoring the need to be competitive and imagining that people like the Chinese, the Japanese and the South Koreans would always” eat someone else’s lunch” but never theirs.

That unwillingness has translated into weak leaders, burning lamb carcasses, lorry blockades and the sort of militant trades unionism that we used to see in the UK with Arthur Scargill and the miners strikes of the 1970’s and 1984.

The weak leaders seem collectively to be more concerned about their love lives, mistresses and scorned girlfriends than in running the country and telling the French people some home truths.

These are that there is no free lunch, that productivity has to rise and the world does not owe France a living.

Hollande is a particularly vain example of this breed of useless and vacuous politician and whilst he should be replaced,the entire country needs an” attitude refit” as well.

France therefore needs radical reform and a shakeup of the way it always awards top posts to people from the Grande Ecoles in a form of self fulfilling death wish.

Policy produced by these people is logical, seemingly flawless but fails to get the job done.

The uselessness of the hapless Hollande should not give us any cause for complacency in the UK because we have our own version of walking uselessness in our holiday-making Prime Minister, who is good at making speeches but very little else.

John Gelmini

Opinion – Can Germany turn its back on USA? No, it can’t – English pravda.ru – John Gelmini

Germany, positioned where it is at the center of Europe, cannot avoid dealing with Russia to its east and because it exports a great deal to America which guarantees its freedom militarily it cannot free itself from America either.

In addition, all NATO forces, other than those of France, are “plug and play” components of the US military and use identical/nearly identical equipment.

The part about most German gold reserves being in America and the UK is correct but we in the UK cannot be complacent because under Gordon Brown 50% of the UK’s gold reserves were sent to the Bundesbank although we were never given the full reasons.

The article does as Dr Alf observes, throw red meat to the Russian people but to my mind it does it in a tongue in cheek way.

John Gelmini