ISIL: Diabolical, evil, demonic – English

Read today’s most-read article in Pravda, Russia’s influential, leading newspaper. Check it out!

Pravda newspaper front page (around 1950s). Th...

Pravda newspaper front page (around 1950s). The head article title says: From the Soviet Leadership (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

via ISIL: Diabolical, evil, demonic – English

I was able to identify with much of the argument in this article. But where it departed from prevailing views in Western media was in relation to the US & the UK. The article holds the US/UK responsible for the situation in Iraq and maintains that both countries must clean up the mess.

Let me turn this to an open question:

Does the US and the UK have a moral responsibility to remove ISIL?



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  1. The answer to Dr Alf’s question is yes.

    The UK and the USA invaded Iraq, toppled Saddam Hussein, caused 775,000 deaths of Iraquis, created 2 million refugees, caused billions of dollars worth of damage, squandered billions in public money, allowed looting and unleashed forces which brought the country to split into 3 and created the present civil war.

    This was done on the basis of evidence of “weapons of mass destruction” and by Tony Blair and his henchmen misleading the House of Commons and the country.

    During that war, there were breaches of the Geneva convention, and both we and America, plus the “coalition of the willing ” lost many young fighting men.

    Tony Blair to this day is holding back evidence from the Chilcott enquiry which if it were ever to see the light of day would represent damning evidence, possibly sufficient for a war crimes case since the legal advice from Lord Goldsmith is clearly not something that would indicate that the prosecution of that war was legal.

    If it was legal, we would have been shown the advice or it would have been presented to Chilcott rather than being withheld.

    ISIS, allegedly funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar is using captured American weapons, has fighters coming from Britain without the Home Office taking tough action against the aspirant jihadis and without us giving the hard word to either of the tyrant sheiks who run these countries.

    We are reluctant to upset these sheiks because we export billions of dollars worth of weapons systems to them via BAE Defence systems and companies like the Inkerman Group.

    This is at the same time as we train their top officers at Sandhurst and their police forces in our methods.

    As a result of these events and what happened in Libya other countries now get the idea that they can invade other countries and annex them just as Vladimir Putin has done with the Crimea and would like to do with Eastern Ukraine, the most industrialized part of that country according to my Ukrainian neighbor and the CIA World Factbook.

    Our ill thought out actions have not created ISIS but have created the “Perfect Storm” which has allowed them to expand,get out of control and become a danger.

    Anyone in the UK who is injured or killed by a returning ISIS jihadi would put their surviving families into a position where they could sue for compensation citing breach of care on the part of the Home Office.

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