Opinion – The forgotten army of the first world war: How Chinese labourers helped shape Europe | South China Morning Post – John Gelmini

English: Chinese labourers working at the Sing...

English: Chinese labourers working at the Singkep Tin Company eating a meal Nederlands: Foto. Chinese contractarbeiders in dienst van de Singkep Tin Maatschappij tijdens een maaltijd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thank Dr Alf for sharing this unusual article from the South China Morning Post.

As Dr Alf says ,the story is moving and it is one we would never have known about in the West but for the South China Morning Post.

Global history needs to reflect the contribution of everyone, not just those we choose to remember and it needs to be complete and accurate.

Airbrushing atrocities and events out of view does not help people to learn the lessons that they need to learn to stop events like the World Wars happening again.

John Gelmini

Germany ready to dilute austerity medicine for reform-minded France | Reuters

English: Various Euro bills.

English: Various Euro bills. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an important story from Reuters. Check it out!

via Germany ready to dilute austerity medicine for reform-minded France | Reuters.

This looks like it will be the third time that France gets off from complying with agreed European fiscal targets.

In my mind, it is still debatable whether France’s Socialist Government has the stomach for the necessary reforms.

This story will be bitter news for Southern Europe, who got no concessions from Germany. Countries like Cyprus, Greece, Spain and Portugal are in deep recessions because of excessive austerity.

Is there one rule for big countries and another for small countries in the EU?