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English: Map to show current affiliations of E...

English: Map to show current affiliations of European Countries with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Several NATO Member areas not included in the map, such as the United States, Canada, Greenland, and French Guiana. Česky: Mapa zobrazující partnerské smlouvy NATO v Evropě a okolí. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, in Russia leading paper Pravda, is currently No. 1 on the “Most Read” list. I strongly recommend reading this article. Check it out!

via NATO, the finger of death – English

What’s interesting about this article is that the same historical events can be viewed so differently. I suppose that’s philosophy. The West’s interventions have generally been portrayed as on the side of freedom and liberty. But when invasions or incursions go wrong, or when there is inadequate planning for when the military leave, it creates a political vacuum. When evil fills the vacuum, it is right to question the West’s interventions.

Personally, I do not care for Bancroft-Hinchey’s arrogant, condescending style of writing. It links events and makes questionable assumptions, with suspect conclusions. But it is designed to provide red meat for Russia’s population to perhaps stop them thinking of their own privation and absence of liberty.

It’s significant that the same degree of reporting is not being given to Russia’s incursion into the Eastern Ukraine. Mother of Russian soldiers are desperate to know if their sons are in a war zone. Interestingly, both the US and NATO refer to a Russian “incursion” in Ukraine, rather than an invasion. Presumably, the US involvement in Syria is also an incursion, rather than an invasion?


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  1. I support Putin. I support Eastern Ukrainians speak Russian and are being pulverized by US backed Killers in the Ukrainian Army. I support Assad 100%. I spit on anything Obama’s Government TV Propaganda says about who his latest Bookie Man is. Obama is a cold blooded US and Worldwide Killer

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