Opinion – Turkish firms show interest in Cyprus gas | Cyprus | Worldbulletin News- John Gelmini

English: Map of Cyprus showing districts

English: Map of Cyprus showing districts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf dreams of an EU energy strategy of a robust nature which has been properly risk assessed.

His wish, I fear, will not come true because like the Pink Unicorn this is a document that does not exist and will never be written by any Eurocrat.

The EU has no strategy for anything other than finding new ways to damage businesses, tax its populations more heavily and give themselves new jobs.

It does not have an effective leader, is complacent and does not have a single economic cycle against which one could sensibly plan demand for energy, raw materials and types of workers.

It has a de facto leader, in Angela Merkel who runs Germany and imposes it’s will on the rest of Europe. She has an energy strategy for Germany, based on fuel-efficient houses, no nuclear power and trying to placate Vladimir Putin by speaking to him in Russian and offering him money.

For the rest of Europe, including the UK, which will probably have blackouts this winter if it is a hard one, there is no strategy.

The EU in common with the Club of Rome and the IPCC wants people to believe in man-made “Climate Change” and “Global Warming“. This means reduced carbon emissions via renewable energy and higher environmental taxes to solve a nonexistent problem (the climate is actually getting cooler as the earth as it has done for millions of years moves further away from the sun during the course of its 1500 year elliptical orbit around the sun). Solving this nonexistent problem is causing economic disruption and by 2020, the UK can expect fuel bills to double whilst Europe’s may well do the same. The strategy (such as it exists) is to move to smart meters and manage energy consumption downwards.

One of the ways they plan to do this is to encourage older wealthier people to migrate to warmer countries whilst the less fortunate and stupid will be helped to exit this world by means of “care pathways”, euthanasia and rationed healthcare. Everyone else will be made to work longer and pay more taxes.  But, I expect Dr Alf is probably going to spend a lot longer in his new Cypriot lair, watching the sun go down, before he ever sees a European energy strategy that passes his critical gaze, whilst drinking his favorite local wine as a compliment to his evening meal. Perhaps, Dr Alf should concentrate on championing a new cause:

An effective strategy for developing offshore gas and oil in the Eastern Mediterranean?

John Gelmini

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