Ukraine at risk of being West’s pawn – Global Times

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This is an excellent editorial from China’s influential newspaper “Global Times“. Check it out!

via Ukraine at risk of being West’s pawn – Global Times.

It ‘s easy to identify with this balanced and well-reasoned article.

This is my second of four different perspectives on Ukraine. The first was from the Telegraph in London.


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  1. Dr Alf’s description of the Global Times article is that it is balanced and well reasoned.

    I could not quarrel with his assessment and with the Chinese viewpoint, other than to say that I think the Ukraine is more America’s and Russia’s pawn than she is anyone else’s.

    Russia wants a buffer between the advancing US missile shield to their West which is why Iskander missiles capable of punching through the shield have been positioned in Kaliningrad.

    It would also like Eastern Ukraine because as my Ukrainian neighbor says it contains most of the industry in that country.

    At the very least, Russia wanted a warm weather port which is why the 1st Crimean War started during the 19th century and why Vladimir Putin annexed it this time.

    America, which with Britain, was at least very happy to stir up the Ukrainians in the West (David Cameron is on record as saying that he wants to see Turkey and the Ukraine join the EU) is and was happy enough to stir old passions in that country.

    These passions have been unleashed with all sorts of Neo-Nazis roaming the country in its defense whilst the Ukrainian army is in the middle trying to preserve the borders.

    Vladimir Putin has listened to our Western logic and justifications on Iraq, Libya and soon to be Syria and has concluded that he can do the same in Eastern Ukraine. He knows that the EU is at best ambivalent and that Germany has most to lose, so he has invaded covertly, by allowing his special forces to penetrate the Ukraine whilst “on holiday”, “straying over the border” by mistake and through aid convoys and clandestine means. He reasons that since the Ukraine is not a NATO member that NATO is not bound by treaty to defend it and has no stomach for war. Effectively, he has called the West’s bluff and since the Russian economy is not doing that well anyway, he has also calculated that he can stand Western sanctions better than the West can afford the knock on effects of Russia’s retaliatory measures including cutting off gas, pushing up the price of grain and working with the new counterweight to the Petrodollar, the BRICS bank.

    In the end, America is not going to go to war over the Ukraine, and neither will the UK and in the end sanctions will hurt us more than they hurt Russia.

    Germany, which needs sanctions at a time when it is being called on to ease austerity, wants to engineer a face saving deal, so that it can carry on running the EU and exporting; so if they are called upon to “ease austerity”(things which Paul Krugman and Dr Alf regularly call for), Mrs Merkel will ask how can I do that and apply tougher sanctions which damage Germany at the same time?

    The answer is that Germany will apply the sanctions and with a nod and a wink show Vladimir Putin how to circumvent them whilst at the same time trying to negotiate a messy compromise in the form of German aid for Russia and the Ukraine in exchange for more VW car production in both countries and a more federal Ukraine.

    America is soon going to have to kill off the “Frankenstein” it has unwittingly helped to create in Iraq in the form of ISIS, and it will have to do something about Saudi Arabia and Qatar who allegedly fund ISIS, as well as President Erdogan in Turkey, who is getting closer to Vladimir Putin because of his desire to join the BRICS and tap into their money(he sees no percentage in joining the EU which does not want Turkey anyway, other than the UK run for the time being by David Cameron).

    The US military are not keen to be drawn into a European war and are unhappy at President Obama who secretly sacks Generals he does not like, threatens others with loss of pension rights. They will do what is needed vis-a-vis ISIS but beyond that, they know that the American people like most of the rest of us are tired of military adventurism and want to get on with life. They know too that Obama will soon not be there because he is vacillating, not up to the job and in November 2016 will be replaced by someone like Hillary Clinton, unless damaging data emerges about her.

    In the end, the winners in all of this will be China and Germany with the Ukraine being sacrificed as a piece on the chessboard.

    Vladimir Putin will get half of what he wants and maybe a bit more if his help is needed to deal with ISIS in Syria or elsewhere if they seek safe haven in Muslim countries on Russia’s southern border.
    David Cameron will huff and puff but will be able to do nothing having sacked half our troops and emasculated our Tri-Forces for the sake of false economy and is now moving rapidly towards being replaced for the loser he is.

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