Ukraine prepares to steal Russian gas legally – English

English: Cathedral of Christ the Saviour over ...

English: Cathedral of Christ the Saviour over Moscow River. Moscow (Russia). Français : La Cathédrale du Christ-Sauveur de Moscou, en Russie. Polski: Cerkiew Chrystusa Zbawiciela nad rzeką Moskwą. Moskwa (Rosja). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an important article from Pravda, Russia’s leading newspaper. Check it out!

via Ukraine prepares to steal Russian gas legally – English

This article is important for both what it says and what it doesn’t to its audience, ordinary Russian people likely to be suffering increasing privation from sanctions this winter.

The article looks hastily drafted and paints a complicated pattern, blaming the Ukraine for a possible collapse in Russian gas exports. Energy is Russia’s most important industry and further Western sanctions will have a disastrous impact Russia’s economy.

Secondly, the article, and the wider paper, gives little coverage to the incursion of Russia’s troops to the Ukraine, nor the increasingly strong language from Western leaders.

This is the fourth blog on Ukraine today. As well as Moscow, we have opinions from London, Beijing and Washington. Perhaps not surprisingly, they are vastly different.

Some weeks ago, there was hope that Angela Merkel might broker a solution but since that time Russia has sent troops across the border into Eastern Ukraine, in an incursion or invasion, depending upon your viewpoint.

Personally, I see the West’s political leaders as deeply divided over an increasing number of hot spots in the World and I am seriously worried about the consequences of increased sanctions from the West – increased sanctions will likely cause Putin to retaliate.

Most important of all, given the risk of escalating sanctions and perhaps war in Europe, I am alarmed by the European Commission’s absence of an effective energy strategy, with a published risk register?

Perhaps, China will be an effective broker here?


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