War in Europe is not a hysterical idea – The Washington Post


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This article from the Washington Post‘s correspondent in Warsaw presents a reflective but deeply disturbing view of the escalating crisis in the Ukraine. Check it out!

via War in Europe is not a hysterical idea – The Washington Post.

Whilst this article was well researched and offers historical parallels, I found it alarmest.

This is my third blog on Ukraine, having already published viewpoints from London and Beijing.



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  1. It is as Dr Alf says alarmist and I would say naiive.

    Armchair warriors and newspaper columnists often have with no military training and not the faintest conception of what soldiers have to go through during wars and when they come home, particularly if they are maimed. I know a number of these people, and have tried to help those of them who end up in debt and often end up sacked, homeless and jobless on our streets.

    This was through a program of debt reduction using a panel of specialist providers and debt counselors.
    Soon a new social enterprise that will mentor ex services people and others who are disadvantaged will be created in Cambridge to get as many of them into self employment as possible well beyond any existing UK based provision.

    Who does Anne Applebaum think is, going to do the fighting and dying in this war she sees as inevitable?

    Her colleagues? her friends?those she worships with?


    It will be someone else’s son, plus millions of others vaporised in nuclear strikes on cities as one side or the other attempts to gain advantage.

    Does she imagine that she can sit at home calmly writing this nonsense and remain immune?


    Currently, there are nuclear warheads on Russian submarines off America’s coast and both sides have space based weapons, weather warfare capability and the ability to obliterate every living thing on the planet including Ms. Anne Applebaum, hundreds of times over.

    The Hopi Indian Chronicles and the Indian epics written in Sanskrit detail atomic wars 80,000 years ago and more recently during the time Zoroaster the ancient prophet was alive in what is now Afghanistan.
    We have had so far 4 world wars plus the last 2 but we still never learn.

    General Albert Pike writing to Giuseppe Mazzini in the 19th century outlined the plan for 3 world wars and until a few years ago a copy of that letter remained on open view in the British museum in London despite current denials by that establishment that such a letter never existed.

    In this 3rd World War he wanted the Muslim world and Israel to destroy each other and for whoever in the world that was left to embrace his particular brand of Luciferism.

    He was not mad as he spoke and wrote sixteen different languages fluently, managed to get a Presidential pardon following the American Civil War, created the Klu Klux Klan and the Palladian Rite of Illuminised Freemasonry plus the plan to help it infiltrate the so called “Blue degrees”.

    He may or may not have known about nuclear weapons (described in the Indian epics as “terrifying weapons with the power of a million suns” and destroyers of worlds) but could accurately be described as dangerous and evil.

    His first two wars financed by Wall Street and City interests have happened in the past 100 years and in the last one 50 million people died.

    Since then we have had a lot of smaller wars but still seem not to have learnt anything.

    Anne Applebaum is not going to be immune from any war on this scale that comes so she should find other things to write about and perhaps engage her brain before opening her mouth or writing things down.
    Words have power and as the Chinese proverb says “Be careful what you wish for”.

    The rest of us, unless we are arms manufacturers, I suspect do not want such a war and simply want to get on with our lives even though we may wish people like Vladimir Putin did not exist and could be replaced by people more to our liking.

    That and some form of compromise in the form of German money a federated approach to the Government of Ukraine, some Realpolitik vis-a-vis Mr Putin is the way forward at least for now.

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