Opinion – Can pomegranate halt Alzheimer’s? Chemical compound in the fruit prevents inflammation of the brain cells  | Mail Online – John Gelmini

English: A healthy brain compared to a brain s...

English: A healthy brain compared to a brain suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The public can get more pomegranate at affordable prices as Dr Alf wonders, by going to Aldi and Lidl but if they want to avoid Alzheimer’s and dementia. there are other things they need to be doing as well.
They need to:

1) Avoid things containing aluminium and throw away all aluminium saucepans ,eating utensils,roll on deodorant.

Pit Rock deodorants should be used instead and the saucepans should all be stainless steel

2) Exercise briskly by walking, swimming or doing what nature intended with your spouse or committed partner more often, carefully avoiding bizarre and unusual practices

3) Stop smoking pot,skunk or ingesting drugs which remain in the system for years.

1.25 million British woman are now at the early stages of dementia through the debauched, pot-fuelled lifestyles they led in the 1960’s and between them and other over 65’s who have abused the NHS into financial meltdown they will implode many local authority finances unless they are made to change their ways

4) Stop eating rubbish and consume properly cooked food, ideally cooked in a pressure cooker.

5) Take vitamin supplements, eat broccoli and take a good anti-oxidant to clear out as much of the pollutants in the air, your body and the environment as possible

6) Put the air in your car on recirculate because otherwise you are breathing in car fumes and poisoning yourself with carbon monoxide

7) Do not jog or run on public roads for the same reason all you are doing is developing bigger lungs to breathe in car fumes which is why joggers are outlived by people who don’t (see point 2 above)

8) Do not drink on an empty stomach only drink with food as people in Southern Europe do

9) Develop an enabling personal philosophy such as Stoicism and follow the “golden rule”

10) Keep learning and using your brain. Go on courses and put the material into practice rather than letting it gather dust

11) Spend time near or with younger people and do not allow your attitudes to ossify

12) Spend time with technology and embrace change

13) Avoid mobility scooters and mobility aids unless you have been injured or are a maimed former soldier,do your best to develop a better range of movement through herbs and gentle exercise like Tai Chi or Pilates

14) Avoid fluoride in toothpaste and anything else it contains

15) Avoid discordant sounds and listen to uplifting and inspiring music such as Mozart.
Some pop songs and rock music actually lower your IQ and make you less resourceful as a human being

16) Avoid watching too much television and if you must watch it watch things where you can learn something rather than being transformed into a lazy couch potato

17) Develop your memory using different techniques and read late at night in bed whilst in a somnambulant state.
You will remember more as actors do when learning their lines

18) Take(subject to medical advice,Bacopa Monniere)a plant used by Sansrit reading mystics in India which aids memory thousands of years old and now available via Amazon

19) If you do get depressed sometimes St John’s Wort(Hypericum) is 4 times stronger than Prozac and is better for you than anything the drug companies could ever produce.
It is taken by 6 million people in Germany for that reason

20) Do not smoke or ingest passively by congregating with smokers in inclement weather outside offices,public houses or sleazy nightclubs

21) Develop a hobby or passion and have many projects(not too many),on the go

22) Have friends in real life not just on social media and talk to people rather than hiding away

23) Meditate and view people for what they are but remembering that in the gloom and doom there is brightness and ultimately hope for us all

24) Avoid Aspartame,artificial sweeteners and sugar

25) Eat less salt or salty food

26) Learn to think critically and listen not just to the spoken word but also what is not said

27) Keep up to date with your person,your wardrobe and what is going on in the world

28) Use or learn to use the creative right hand side of your brain by alpha brain wave technology or via courses(see:www.silvainternational.com and http://www.silenceofmusic.com)

John Gelmini

Opinion – U.S., foreign fighters in Syria pose ‘very serious threat’ to U.S.: lawmaker | Reuters – John Gelmini

Iraq Syria Locator

Iraq Syria Locator (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I agree with Dr Alf that this is the very least that has to be done.

Jihadis who call for Caliphates to rule over other countries and ultimately the world are traitors and seditionists and the penalty for that should be severe not just a slap on the wrist.

Similarly, calling for the death of unbelievers, kuffirs, apostates by beheading, the bullet, being buried alive and being crucified is incitement to murder, especially if they suggest that they are going to travel home and do the same things there.

The UK has a former supermarket guard who used to be employed by Morrisons boasting about beheading people in Syria and saying openly that he wants to do the same here.

Others no doubt want to wreak havoc in their own country.

Provided we keep these people bottled up in Syria and Iraq, preferably in a desert area without much population, we can probably neutralize them remotely, avoiding the need to risk the lives of our troops. Another option is to deploy mercenaries.

John Gelmini