The Anti-Austerity Camp Is Growing as Merkel Becomes More Isolated – SPIEGEL ONLINE


English: Angela Merkel Deutsch: Angela Merkel

English: Angela Merkel Deutsch: Angela Merkel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In case you missed it, this article in Spiegel is well worth a read. Check it out!

via The Anti-Austerity Camp Is Growing as Merkel Becomes More Isolated – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Much as I agree that austerity in Europe has been excessive, I fear that Frances’s President Hollande is probably not the best champion.

But the coalition against austerity is growing:

Once upon a time, Angela Merkel called upon the troika of the IMF, ECB and the EC to her defense of austerity.

It is encouraging that the austerity camp is crumbling. But there is still Angela Merkel and her sponsors.

Let me turn this to several open question:

Are we likely to see an orderly climb-down on austerity from Germany, perhaps with strings attached?

What will be the implications for the economies of Southern Europe, like Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France?

Are we likely to see serious infrastructure investment in Southern Europe?

What about jobs for the lost-generation of millennials in Southern Europe?


Opinion – UK must cease meddling in Hong Kong – People’s Daily Online – John Gelmini

Oliver Heald MP

Oliver Heald MP (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is correct.

British MP’s should be focusing their whole attention on what needs to be done in the UK and not concerning themselves on matters over which the UK has no control and no business.

We are not exporting enough; we are building too few houses; immigration is out of control; we have 2 generations of young people on the scrapheap; 50% of crime goes unreported and unsolved; our military is weak – we lack escort vessels for our shipping or even a coastal protection vessel to patrol our coasts; and we have a public sector which is unaffordable and out of control.

That ought to be enough for them but somehow the Chinese have to be made aware of “the way we work”.
I know how most of them, the MPs, work and most of them need to be fired, and a few like my own MP Oliver Heald kept.

The rest plus the Scottish MP’s should be reduced to 250 and go onto performance contracts.

Hong Kong is the business of the Chinese and not ours anymore.

John Gelmini