Danny Alexander: I am as patriotic a Scot as any nationalist – Telegraph

English: East entrance of HM Treasury Français...

English: East entrance of HM Treasury Français : Entrée Est de HM Treasury (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an outstanding & passionate article by Danny Alexander, published in the Telegraph.

via Danny Alexander: I am as patriotic a Scot as any nationalist – Telegraph.

I never thought that I would ever agree with Danny Alexander on anything. But here we are and I agree 100% with him this time.

Surely, common sense will prevail on Thursday?

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  1. Like Dr Alf I agree with Danny Alexander on this one thing.

    That said, even if the Scots decide to remain in the Union they will demand more and create international uncertainty which will cause foreign governments and potential investors to not be so willing to invest here or listen to what the UK Government says.

    This not least because they will never really know how long any agreement they reach with the British Government will last or whether other elements of the Celtic fringe or the Orkney’s and Shetland Islands are prepared to break away.

    Already the larger regions like the NorthEast, parts of the NorthWest and Cornwall are getting restless and demanding devolved powers over income taxation,business rates and housing.

    They smell blood and the possibility of getting their hands on money which under Margaret Thatcher was placed firmly beyond their wasteful reach.

    What is needed is fewer councils,fewer layers,fewer civil servants,fewer MP,s and much greater efficiency NOT more devolved powers to waste and steal taxpayers money.

    This and the uncertain climate on confidence and inward investment is what Alex Salmond has caused and the genie is now out of the bottle with almost unstoppable momentum.

    Alex Salmond is interested in himself and his own self aggrandisement,not in these bigger issues and the damage his demogoguery causes and will continue to cause the very people whose interests he pretends to truly represent.

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