Opinion – Israel eyes pipeline to export natural gas to southern Europe | Agricultural Commodities | Reuters – John Gelmini

English: Natural gas burning

English: Natural gas burning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anything that revitalizes the Southern European economies, generates wealth and jobs and reduces the dependence of Europe as a whole to Vladimir Putin and his Russian gas is to be welcomed.

Dr Alf is correct to see this potential co-operation between Israel and Cyprus and then other countries such as Egypt as a very good thing and a way of creating wealth rather than imposing austerity.

People with more money in their pockets through the trickle down effect regain confidence, tensions are reduced and those who used to be the lead gas or commodity suppliers have to rethink their positions and try and deal with others.

Exploiting shortages never lasts for very long as the Chinese found out with rare earths used in car exhausts,catalytic converters and mobiles.

Now alternatives have been found that do not involve rare earths as much or at all so the Chinese have had to move on to other things.

With Israeli natural gas an alternative to Russian bullying(45% of Poland’s gas has been cut off forcing them to approach Germany), will then exist and the other benefits will flow naturally.

John Gelmini

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