The Guardian view on the Scottish referendum: Britain deserves another chance | Editorial | Comment is free | The Guardian

Scottish Parliament, Holyrood, Edinburg

Scottish Parliament, Holyrood, Edinburg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This editorial from the Guardian is well worth a read. Check it out!

via The Guardian view on the Scottish referendum: Britain deserves another chance | Editorial | Comment is free | The Guardian.

Personally, I agree with the Guardian’s headline but felt that the arguments were too weak. I found the Guardian’s case too flowery and intellectual. I do not think that the Guardian’s case was direct enough for the average man or woman in the streets in Scotland.

If, the Scottish people vote “Yes”, they will be voting for an abstract national freedom. Against, this a “yes” will almost certainly mean greater economic hardship and risk. Independent Scotland would either be deeply accountable to the UK (as part of the GBP) or Europe (as part of the EUR).

The national identity that has been mentioned by the SNP will be largely like  mercury. There will be huge extra costs to run an independent Scotland and massive one-time transition costs. Also there are serious questions about effective leadership and expertise to deliver the enormous strategic change.

In practical terms, very quickly after a “Yes” vote, I predict that the Scottish people will bitterly regret the decision.

Based upon my expertise in delivering strategic change, I further predict a rapidly escalating crisis.

On the other hand, I agree with the Guardian that power must be further devolved from Westminster. The political classes in Westminster need a good culling, in my view. They have not listened to the concerns of the average working and middle class person. Under David Cameron, the UK has become a haven for the wealthy and privileged.

In practical terms, if Scotland votes “No” at the referendum, they will still gain greater power and national identity – this will be achieved without the economic hardship and risk.

As part of the UK, the Scottish people can challenge the excessive bureaucracy from the European Commission. An independent Scotland would quickly be at the mercy of the troika, the ECB, the IMF and the EC.


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  1. As Dr Alf says the Guardian’s arguments are weak and I would say vacuous.

    Everyone wants a better future but better futures have to be won, worked for and earned.

    Scotland is not a viable economic unit,neither is Wales and neither is Northern Ireland.

    Scotland has too many benefit recipients,too little job creation,less North Sea oil than Alex Salmond says there is,not enough industry,too few entrepreneurs and too many unhealthy people who represent a drain on the health service and on Adult Social Care budgets.

    East Anglia and Hertfordshire where I live is a viable economic unit and along with London and the SouthEast represent a UK version of Umberto Bossi,s Padana(the prosperous part of Northern Italy shorn of the corrupt and chaotic south).

    We represent the part of the UK which produces more than it consumes whilst the rest of it remains a drain on resources.
    Collectively our patience with the other parts of the UK with their growing sense of entitlement and “bite the hand that feeds them” mentality is simmering under the surface but if we are pushed too far the consequences will be severe for the Salmond,s,latter day William Wallace’s,Michael Ango’s and other heros of the Celtic fringe.

    Like Dr Alf I think that the Cameron/Clegg Coalition has become a government for the rich and powerful only and it needs to be cut down to size and radically reformed.

    Unlike him I would not want too much devolution although I would reduce the number of UK councils to 15,create a national police and fire service with 15 commands,outsource all the services now delivered by Districts and Boroughs,sack all but 15,000 civil servants,centralise procurement within a rotating panel of providers with independent oversight,abolish the BBC licence fee and make them operate on subscription.

    The same treatment would be meted out to quangocracies and their Chief Executives,unaccountable boards and overpaid apparachiks would experience the unique smell of “napalm in the morning” combined with a firmly closed revolving door.

    The Monarchy would be smartsized and all but £1 billion gbp of its and the Royal family,s assets and those held by the Queen through interlocking trusts ,sequestered and placed into a UK sovereign wealth fund which would make investments for the benefit of the country and its inhabitants who paid taxes.

    We would frack and build nuclear power stations and the NHS would be abolished and reconstituted on German lines with Rife machines in every cancer ward and available for purchase in Boots and good pharmacies.

    The Barnett Formula would be abolished and the UK would become a neutral tax haven with a beefed up self defence force and money with which to pay for out of area operations such as dealing with ISIS

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