Opinion – Scotland in meltdown: the fiasco of its first 100 days of independence  | Mail Online – John Gelmini

Cropped version of Image:AlexSalmond 2007.jpg

Cropped version of Image:AlexSalmond 2007.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In between all the silliness of this Daily Mail article, which like all its articles is designed for a person with a reading age of nine, there are one or two nuggets of truth.

They are, as Dr Alf and I have identified in a number of different blogs:

1) An non-viable standalone Scottish economy a situation which has existed for hundreds of years

2) Potential bankruptcy

3) Even fewer jobs as major firms move south

4) Extra costs, as things which are now “free” courtesy of SE England, E. Anglia and London, now have to be paid for as the Barnett Formula subsidies, EU rebates and other feather-bedding are removed

5) Most Scots will look at the costs and will not be swayed

As for the ageing Sean Connery, people should ask themselves why he chooses to live in Bermuda and Marbella in Spain rather than Scotland. The answer is weather and taxes, plus the fact that the people in the Edinburgh street where he supposedly wishes to live, to a man and woman told Sir Sean that they would prefer him to live anywhere else but near them.This ,according to the tour bus guide in 2012, during my last visit to that great city was because they wanted to live in peace and quiet not be plagued by tourists taking photographs.

On Thursday 18th, Alex Salmond the so-called “cheeky chappy” needs to be sent packing because if he isn’t his fellow countryfolk can expect to pay a very heavy price along with the rest of the Celtic fringe.

John Gelmini

Opinion – US looks to Turkey to cut Islamic State oil revenue – Sydney Morning Herald – John Gelmini

Countries in which Islamist terrorist attacks ...

Countries in which Islamist terrorist attacks have occurred on or after September 11, 2001. Based on Image:BlankMap-World6, compact.svg with information from Image:WOT map4a.PNG. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



When you have a dangerous cancer in your midst you need to act with precision and extreme severity to eradicate it.

Taking away people’s passports and sending in advisors is not enough.

In addition to Dr Alf’s prognosis of “take the gloves off”, we have to stop pretending that ISIS fighters are Muslims or UK citizens or citizens of any country or that they have “rights”.

By declaring allegiance to a new state, demanding Sharia law and killing people who do not follow them they are self declared traitors, seditionists, murderers and engaged in incitement to murder.

People seduced by their rhetoric need to know that once they leave the UK, or their country of origin, they have a price on their head and are doomed.

The SAS and America’s Blackwater, Executive Outcomes, Saladin Security Services and anyone willing to take the risk should be tasked with removing ISIS members and any passport holders who have joined up with “extreme prejudice”.

ISIS members in the open need to be targeted with the latest military technology.

John Gelmini