Opinion – mainly macro: Scotland and the SNP: Fooling yourselves and deceiving others – Simon Wren-Lewis – John Gelmini

English: First Minister Alex Salmond at the ri...

English: First Minister Alex Salmond at the riding for the official opening of the 4th term of the Scottish parliament. On the left a Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament and on the right the First Minister (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf wonders whether commonsense will prevail in Scotland on Thursday 18th September.

I do not doubt that it will but what worries me is what concessions David Cameron and the Coalition will make subsequently to appease these latter day bogus” Bravehearts”.

Alex Salmond is cunning, duplicitous and mendacious and is a tough negotiator.

Cameron is vain, patrician and a useless negotiator, willing to play fast and loose with taxpayers money.

The result should be the Union intact, no more Barnett Formula and Salmond given the stern word.

What it will be I do not know because Cameron is not up to the job of sending the Scottish “snake oil salesman” packing empty handed whereas others certainly are.

John Gelmini

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