Opinion – Scotland can expect a huge hangover after vote | The Japan Times – John Gelmini

Dr Alf poses some interesting questions as does Bill Coles.

English: Alex Salmond photographed in his cons...

English: Alex Salmond photographed in his constituency at Turriff (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The three main political parties chose to let Alistair Darling lead the NO campaign because he is typically Scottish and looks every inch a careful bank manager and sounds exactly like one when he is talking about money.

Alex Salmond, on the other hand, is pugilistic, pretends to be everyone’s dining and drinking companion and is in reality a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a man whose sums do not add up and a demogogue.

The strategy devised, not by the party leaders but, by the Bilderbergers who put them into office has been to emasculate the United Kingdom but to strengthen the EU.

This has meant more devolution, more power to the Celtic fringes but never quite enough to enable any one breakaway country to truly go it alone.

The English were and are being emasculated by the constant drain on resources that the Celtic fringe represents and the idea is to make them an integral part of an EU which they have very little say in.
Salmond perhaps understands this but like others before him he became full of hubris and really started to believe his own rhetoric.

He convinced so many of his fellow Scots that the Establishment took fright and dispatched the Party leaders north.

Someone carefully planted at Crathie Church supposedly went up to the Queen and uttered a contrived statement to which she replied that “people need to think very carefully”.

Normally the Queen is hemmed in by bodyguards and only speaks to people she knows or has been instructed to speak to yet we are supposed to believe that all this interaction came about by an “ordinary member of the public” about an issue that she is constitutionally bound not to talk about.

Nicholas Witchell the diminutive BBC Royal correspondent took 15 minutes last night to explain how the Queen’s intervention was neutral.

Clearly his explanation was bogus and deliberately disingenuous, designed to covey the message Vote NO but not in such great numbers as to create a clear-cut result.

What is sought is a knife edge NO which will weaken the pound,create economic uncertainty and make the constituent parts of the UK more malleable under a process of “divide and rule”.

John Gelmini

Opinion -Will a minority decide the UK’s fate? – People’s Daily Online – John Gelmini

English: First Minister Alex Salmond and Deput...

English: First Minister Alex Salmond and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon at the launch of A National Conversation, August 14, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf asks is it right that a minority decide’s the UK’s fate.

The answer is “no” but not in the way he means.

The UK’s fate is decided by 120 people in Bilderberg meetings, the last of which was held in Copenhagen earlier this summer.

Scotland and Alex Salmond are pawns in that game, made to look as though they are deciding, whilst their strings are being pulled to create the perfect storm of DEVO MAX which was never on the Referendum ballot paper in the first place.

Secondly, it was not David Cameron’s judgement because the real power does not lie with him, it lies with those who issue his instructions and who instructed all three party leaders plus George Osborne to go north and campaign for the desired result.

People from my own experience of corporate life, who have real power, make people come to them.

Dr Alf will recall this phenomenon from his days in corporate life as well.

Yet Prime Ministers all have to have a weekly audience with the Queen, wherever she happens to be. Supposedly this stems back to an ancient duty of Prime Ministers to meekly inform the monarch about what the Government is planning to do next. This could be done by bulletin or memo if matters were already decided and there was no requirement to discuss, consult or seek approval, yet we are told that the monarch has no power.

Clearly the power does lie with the monarch, which is why the Royal Mace sits on top of the dispatch box in the House of Commons as a powerful symbol in plain sight.

The BBC which pretends to be even handed gave prominence to statements by business leaders of the threat to move their operations southwards without exploring what this would really mean.

The people of England are once again being tricked and then being made to pay.

John Gelmini