Potential new gas axis between Bulgaria, Greece and Israel – Natural Gas Europe

Press room of the European Commission inside t...

Press room of the European Commission inside the Berlaymont building, Brussels. Taken on EU open day 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an interesting article from Natural Gas Europe. Check it out!

via Potential new gas axis between Bulgaria, Greece and Israel.

Being resident in Cyprus, I am keenly interested in how Cyprus is going to leverage her offshore gas and oil reserves. With offshore gas fields adjacent to those of Israel, latest thinking is for a pipeline to Europe linking Greece and Israel via Cyprus.

With Southern Europe savaged by excessive austerity, there is an excellent opportunity for the European Commission to step in and facilitate investment in the infrastructure.

Sadly, as highlighted many times on this blog, the European Commission is pre-occupied with green issues and compliance, rather than leading an effective energy strategy.



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  1. It seems we are awash with natural gas and a sane person would want Israel, Bulgaria and Greece to co-operate with Cyprus to exploit this new energy source, reduce reliance on Russia and create jobs and prosperity.

    The EU is not concerned with jobs and the creation of prosperity as Dr Alf well knows.

    This is why there is no energy strategy and not a single nett new job has been created in the EU for 30 years.

    The EU is the re-embodiment of the Holy Roman Empire and is run for the benefit of those who control it in the Vatican, the City and Corporation of London, the Monarchy and below all of them, Germany.

    The natural gas that Dr Alf dreams about will be exploited but never so fast that a glut or oversupply situation exists or there is any possibility of places like Greece being allowed to prosper once more.

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