What’s the difference between an Interim Manager and a Management Consultant?

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This is the second blog in which I turn for an expert opinion to Andrew Turner, a seasoned Interim Chief Executive, specializing in change management, business strategy and performance improvement.

Previously, I asked Andrew to set out the three types of interim assignment and he responded:

* Resource-Driven

* Project-Driven

* Change/Solution – Driven

This time, I asked Andrew, based upon his experience to differentiate between an Interim Manager and a Management Consultant. According to Andrew, he views the difference between interims and consultants as follows:

An interim advises, implements, and transfers knowledge.

A consultant mainly advises (and occasionally implements), but retains proprietary knowledge and techniques.

In Andrew’s judgement, the difference between an interim and a contractor boils down to independence, authority, responsibility and scope.

Andrew maintains that the true interim has the ability to act and adapt according to changing circumstances. The interim usually…

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